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Today I’m joined by Rachel Cruze, Personal Finance Expert and bestselling Author, from Ramsey Solutions to talk about wedding budgets & awkward money conversations with your partner. According to a study by SunTrust Bank, money disagreements are the top predictor of divorce, ahead of infidelity and communication problems. The study surveyed divorced adults and found […]

Wedding Budgets & Awkward Money Conversations to Have with Your Partner with Rachel Cruze

Episode Show Notes

Have you ever considered mismatched bridesmaids dresses? So much thought and planning go into your wedding aesthetic. The flowers, the stationery, the tables, etc. But what about you and your wedding party? Obviously one of the most important aspects of the day is your people! Your squad. Your wedding wardrobe makes a big impact on […]

Mismatched Bridesmaids Dresses: Wedding Party Fashion with Katie Hubbard of My Wedding Wardrobe

Episode Show Notes

Believe it or not, not all couples who get married go on a honeymoon. Work, financial, and career commitments, among other things, cause couples to skip the honeymoon altogether. While you might think that’s not a big deal, skipping the honeymoon can actually have a significantly negative effect on your marriage and your relationship. On […]

Unique Honeymoon Destinations and Why Taking a Honeymoon Can Save Your Marriage with Sara Margulis, CEO of Honeyfund

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Episode Show Notes

On today’s episode of the Ask the Planner podcast, we’re hearing from someone who has carved her own path and created a unique niche in the wedding and event industry. Whether you’re getting married and looking for a way to manage the stress and pressures of wedding planning or you’re a vendor in the industry […]

The Importance of Bridal Wellness and How to Scale a Wedding Business with Danielle Leilani

Episode Show Notes