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Designing Your Signature Wedding Scent: How to Incorporate Fragrance Into Your Wedding Scentscape

November 27, 2023

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Do you want your wedding to feel luxurious? Then you need to incorporate all FIVE senses into your wedding design. Today, we are talking all about the sense that is almost never taken into account, even though it can make such a difference on your wedding day.

We are talking about the sense of smell. And more specifically, how you can incorporate smells and fragrances into your wedding day in a meaningful and impactful way. While most couples planning a wedding have likely thought about choosing a wedding day perfume or cologne, I’m here to tell you that we can go so much deeper than that. 


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EPISODE HIGHLIGHTS: Designing Your Signature Wedding Scent: How to Incorporate Fragrance Into Your Wedding Scentscape

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  • Wedding Day Perfume [07:16]
  • Fragrance Bar [10:10]
  • Custom Scented Candles [11:45]
  • Diffuser or Candle for Bathrooms [15:01]

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If you prefer to read, here's the summary of the podcast episode!

I know you love the practical tips we share on the podcast so I’m going to start by sharing five ways you can easily incorporate smells into your wedding day. Then I’m going to share five things that you ABSOLUTELY need to remember if you are going to be intentional about how scent will impact your day. 

Five Ways You Can Easily Incorporate Smells Into Your Wedding Day.

1. Spray a Scent Onto the Wedding Invitations

As a wedding planner, I understand that there are so many steps to planning a wedding that considering the scent on your invitations might feel like a “nicety” instead of a “necessity”. Invitations serve as the first official touchpoint that guests have with a couple's wedding event. The act of opening an envelope filled with beautiful stationery conveys to guests the level of excitement shared by those getting married. 

One of the easiest ways to incorporate smells into your wedding day is by spraying each guest's invitation with a scent that is meaningful to you and your partner. This could be something floral, something fruity, or something that fits with the season. Consider cranberry for a holiday wedding, lavender for spring, and something spicy for the fall. 

Not only will this give guests a taste of what they can expect by attending the wedding, but it will also bring back fond memories when they attend your big day and be reminded of this special moment leading up to it. 

Pro-tip for those who decide to do this: Make sure not to spray the scent too close to the invitation, it will leave an oil mark! Hold the bottle far enough away that it’s not directly sprayed onto the invitation paper. 

2. Choose a Wedding Day Perfume

You may have considered this one before, and unlike the other suggestions, this one won’t have an impact on your guests' experience. 

While Chanel No 5 is a wedding day classic, we recommend thinking outside the box and choosing something that can really feel special to the occasion. After all, the scent of your perfume will bring you and your partner back to that moment every time you smell it in the future. 

I personally love Noteworthy scents and I’ve talked about them here on the podcast before. I’m obsessed with their No. 441 – it’s spicy and warm and is designed to evoke the depth of autumn woods. I highly recommend ordering a sample box and seeing which one speaks to you.

3. Have a Custom Fragrance Bar at the Wedding for Your Favors

As a wedding planner, I am always looking for unique ways to make a wedding day even more memorable. If you want to incorporate smells in a big way at your wedding, consider having a custom fragrance bar. It's the perfect way to add something unique and special to your event while giving your guests a fun and interactive experience. 

At a custom fragrance bar, guests can create their own signature scent using natural ingredients like essential oils, absolutes, and perfume bases. In my experience, the store will provide all of the necessary equipment – mixing bottles, funnels, droppers – along with all the ingredients needed to craft each individual blend. Guests will have a blast creating their own personalized fragrances that they can take home as favors or use for themselves! 

In Rochester, we are lucky to have Scents by Design, which specializes in crafting custom scents in our city. With years of expertise in aromatherapy and fragrance creation, they know exactly how to make sure your event is truly unforgettable. 

4. Custom Scented Candles as Favors

When it comes to incorporating smells into your wedding day, custom-scented candles are an excellent way to give something special to your guests. We’ve actually done this quite a few times and trust me when I say, it is always a hit! These custom favors do not get left behind. In fact, I always see guests hoarding them because they’re so excited about them. I’ll give a few examples of how we took this idea one step further and made it unique to their day. 

First, Holly and Dan chose the spring flowers for her bouquet, some of which also grew outside her grandparents’ home. Then we used the same scent in their candles as gifts for their guests. For Erin and Stephen, we used “his” and “hers” signature scents that their guests could choose from to take home. 

Finally, Alex and Nino chose to work with a local boutique they discovered on one of their first dates. They sold a candle that was one of Alex’s absolute favorites and we were able to work with them to create a small batch so that they could give them to their guests. The result was divine and the scent was absolutely heaven! 

Every time we’ve done this, they’ve been a huge hit. Personalized candles allowed guests to enjoy a lasting reminder of the occasion long after the wedding. 

5. Choose a Diffuser or Candle and Put them in the Bathrooms

When it comes to creating a memorable atmosphere, scent is an often overlooked element. So definitely consider incorporating smells into your wedding day by choosing a diffuser or candle and putting them in the bathrooms. This simple addition can make a huge impact on the overall ambiance of your wedding. 

Not only will these scented items help guests feel more relaxed and comfortable while in the restroom, but they also give you an opportunity to add a unique fragrance to represent your special day. Whether you prefer subtle aromas like floral or citrus or something more daring like musk and sandalwood, adding a scented diffuser or candle will bring dimension and interest to any bathroom space. Just make sure the venue is okay with the candle if that’s the route you choose.

Five Things You Need to Consider Before Incorporating Smells Into Your Wedding Day.

1. Determine Your Wedding Scent Early On

Like I’ve been saying, by having your own special scent at the wedding, you can add an extra layer of elegance and romance to your special day. This scent should match or complement the overall theme of the wedding. If you are aiming for a rustic and cozy atmosphere, incorporate scents such as baked bread, spice, or vanilla to make your guests feel relaxed. Or if you're going for a more formal setting, use fragrances like rose or jasmine with hints of citrus fruit and spices that will give off an air of elegance. 

No matter what kind of wedding you’re planning, make sure that your signature scent works with your theme to create a consistent and cohesive atmosphere throughout the event. You want guests to feel like they are part of one big celebration, not attending separate events throughout the day!

2. It’s Easier to Scent Indoor Weddings

The second tip to consider is that it’s easier to scent indoor weddings.

I believe that scentscaping is an important part of creating the perfect wedding atmosphere. While it’s not a “must,” it makes a big difference. But with that said, it’s much easier to trap the scent in enclosed spaces, making it very easy for any couple to create the ambiance they want for their special day at an indoor wedding venue.

If you want to incorporate scents but you’ve chosen an outdoor wedding, don’t worry. I recommend using nature as inspiration for creating a unique aroma that will make your wedding unforgettable. You can use earthy tones like rose or orange blossom, or woodsy notes to provide a pleasant aroma throughout your venue. 

Additionally, you can add these aromas to other parts of your wedding such as your stationery and the bathrooms. By doing this, you’re able to make sure that everyone gets the full experience while being surrounded by nature and its beauty.

And don’t forget, your wedding flowers will definitely be giving off a smell, so consider that when thinking about your wedding scentscape.

3. Please Don’t Go Overboard!

Our third tip is to make sure you DO NOT go overboard with the scents.

While scent is absolutely important, it’s definitely possible to go overboard. When it comes to wedding day scents, subtlety is key. While you may want your chosen scent to be the centerpiece of your wedding celebration, it’s important that you don’t create a scent so strong that your guests start looking for a way out. 

For example, when diffusing scents throughout your venue, you may want to rent two diffusers for maximum coverage, but don't! Start with just one diffuser and see how the scent fills the space before adding another. And if you’re looking to scent your stationery or other items, use one invitation as a test so you can properly gauge how much scent should be used on each piece. 

4. Check if Your Wedding Venue Allows Open Flames

As a wedding planner, I can confidently say that candles make a beautiful addition to any wedding. With that said, when it comes to custom candles, it’s important that you check with your venue about their open flame policy before ordering them. Some venues don’t allow open flames at all while others may have certain rules attached such as needing to be in glass hurricane candle holders for safety reasons. 

So make sure to check in with both your wedding planner and venue prior to purchasing in order to ensure that your custom candles will be allowed and used safely on your big day. 

5. Pair Your Wedding Scent With Your Flowers

Your floral arrangements will create a fragrant atmosphere, so consider whether or not you would like to layer this scent with an additional fragrance. For example, if you have jasmine centerpieces perhaps complement them with a lemon-based scent since the two pair well together. Fragrance experts can help guide you in finding scents that work well together so be sure to seek their advice when making this decision.

That's it for today's episode of Ask the Planner Podcast. Thank you for joining me on this special Noteworthy episode where I shared ways to incorporate sense into your wedding day design.

From scented wedding invitations to a fragrance bar to custom candles, there are so many ways to design the scentscape of your wedding.

Im happy to answer any questions! Send me a DM leave it in your review on Apple Podcasts, or leave a voicemail on our wedding planning hotline at 585-210-3467.

If you decide to try out Noteworthy scents for your signature wedding scent, make sure you take advantage of Noteworthy’s holiday specials and Enter the code DESIREE30 at checkout and receive 30% off of your entire cart for orders over $25. If your order is under $25, you can use the code DESIREE20 to get 20% off your scent discovery kit or the signature samplers. Head to verveeventco.com/noteworthy to find your signature wedding scent today. 


signature wedding scent