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Do you want your wedding to feel luxurious? Then you need to incorporate all FIVE senses into your wedding design. Today, we are talking all about the sense that is almost never taken into account, even though it can make such a difference on your wedding day. We are talking about the sense of smell. […]

Designing Your Signature Wedding Scent: How to Incorporate Fragrance Into Your Wedding Scentscape

signature wedding scent

Episode Show Notes

Today we’re talking about the ins and outs of vendor contracts and costly mistakes to avoid before signing those wedding vendor contracts. This episode is going to help both couples and vendors protect themselves when entering into agreements for weddings and events. But don’t worry, I’m not going to scare you with legal jargon. Today […]

Costly Mistakes to Avoid in Your Wedding Vendor Contracts with Rebecca Carter

wedding vendor contracts

Episode Show Notes

Wedding dress shopping. This is an endeavor filled with as much excitement as it is with drama. When do you go? Who do you take with you? What dress style should you wear? In today’s episode, I talk with Stella Jones, owner of Stella’s Bridal, a boutique wedding gown shop with two locations in New […]

Wedding Dress Shopping: Stella’s Secrets Revealed

Wedding Dress Shopping

Episode Show Notes

Can you believe it? It’s our 100th episode! Thank you for being here whether it’s your first time or your 100th time – thank you for tuning in. In today’s episode, we Tell-ALL! From wedding horror stories to some controversial hot takes, it’s going to be one fun episode. Also, as I mentioned in past […]

Wedding Planner Tell-All: Tips to Plan a Wedding from a Professional Wedding Planner

Episode Show Notes