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What a crazy two weeks our country has been having. If you were planning your wedding for this spring or summer, you might be feeling overwhelmed, sad, angry, or all of the above. (Totally valid!) You’re probably thinking to yourself, where do I even begin if I am postponing my wedding? In this post, I’m […]

How to Postpone Your Wedding Because of COVID-19

How to Postpone Your Wedding Because of COVID-19

March 25, 2020

Cover Image by Mary Dougherty, Mary Dougherty Photography Right now we’re in the process of renovating our kitchen. I’ve never done a large home improvement project before, so it makes me nervous feeling like I don’t know what I don’t know. I don’t even know what’s “normal” when it comes to working with construction contractors […]

Mistakes to Avoid When Choosing a Wedding Photographer

March 18, 2020

Happy New Year! I can’t believe we’re in a new decade! I may be dating myself, but I remember when it was 1999 and everyone was afraid that the computers, planes, and basically modern civilization was going to crash because we were on the verge of a new millenium. And now 2020 is here and […]

2019 Year In Review

Indigo inspired wedding in NYC by Verve Event Co. - 2019 Year In Review

January 14, 2020

More couples are focusing on the experience as a whole for their wedding. One such experience is the “wedding festival.” In today’s post, I’m going to give you some great ideas that will make your wedding festival epic – or at least seriously consider having one.

How to Throw an Epic Wedding Festival

June 25, 2019

Is a custom wedding gown right for you? Find out everything you need to know if having a dress custom-made or reconstructed makes sense with this interview from one of New York’s top dress designers.

The Truth About Custom Wedding Gowns

June 11, 2019

Today I’m decoding wedding dress codes and giving you SHOPPABLE LINKS! Whether you’re shopping for an upcoming wedding or you want to help guide your guests with the right suggestions, this article will help you and your guests will feel good about what you’re going to wear to this season’s weddings!

Decoding Wedding Dress Codes: What to Wear to Any Summer Wedding (With Shoppable Links!)

Unsure what to write on your wedding invitation? Tired of decoding wedding dress codes? Use this guide so you and your guests know exactly what to wear to look their very best. | Verve Event Co. | #weddingdresscodes #weddingfashion #weddingstyle #blacktiewedding

May 22, 2019

Your wedding dress is such a personal choice, so it makes sense that the decision has a lot of weight. But where do you even start? In today’s post, I answer your most pressing questions. I also share tips from my good friend Katie Wadhams, owner of Lovely Bride, a chic wedding dress boutique in Victor. This post will prepare you for the wedding dress shopping and buying process so you can actually enjoy it!

Wedding Dress Shopping 101

Modern Capelet

May 6, 2019

Pressed for time while wedding planning? Read on for time-saving wedding planning tips from a professional wedding planner so you can enjoy your engagement.

Time-Saving Wedding Planner Hacks for Busy Couples

Time-Saving Wedding Planner Hacks | Verve Event Co. | #weddingplanningtips #weddingplannerhacks #howtoplanawedding

April 2, 2019

Happy (almost) Spring, friends! I’m taking a poll. Raise your hand if you’re planning on having greenery and white (or greenery garlands or seeded eucalyptus) as part of your wedding floral design? Be honest. What if I told you that was a bad idea? Hear me out. There are so many other floral trends and […]

Wedding Floral Trends to Avoid: Inspiration from New York’s Top Florists

Wedding Floral Cart Experience Floral Wedding Trends Verve Event Co. #rochesterweddingflorist #upstatenywedding #nyweddingplanner

March 20, 2019

Wedding Planning Takes a Lot of Time Guys, I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again. Wedding planning takes a lot of time. Martha Stewart Weddings said that couples without a wedding planner spend 200-300 hours planning their weddings. But how are you supposed to know what to do if you’ve never planned a wedding […]

Ask the Planner: Wedding Tips in a Flash and Answers to Questions You Never Knew to Ask

30 Second Pro Wedding Tips by Verve Event Co. | #weddingpodcast #weddingplanning #howtoplanawedding

March 11, 2019

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