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Do you want your wedding to feel luxurious? Then you need to incorporate all FIVE senses into your wedding design. Today, we are talking all about the sense that is almost never taken into account, even though it can make such a difference on your wedding day. We are talking about the sense of smell. […]

Designing Your Signature Wedding Scent: How to Incorporate Fragrance Into Your Wedding Scentscape

signature wedding scent

Episode Show Notes

From a day of wedding coordinator to a full-service wedding planner, which wedding planner is right for you? It can be overwhelming when you first get engaged, and it might feel like you have only two options – DIY and maybe hiring a day of wedding coordinator or going all-in with a full-service planner. But […]

From Day-of Wedding Coordinator to Full-Service Planner, Which Planner Should You Hire?

Which Wedding Planner is Right for You?

Episode Show Notes

There are a million details that go into planning a wedding. According to Martha Stewart, the average couple spends 250-300 hours planning their wedding. That’s two hours almost every other day for a year.  Therefore, it’s absolutely crucial you have the right tools to prevent mistakes (and save you time). In today’s episode, I’m sharing […]

Six Must-Have Wedding Planning Templates for Your Wedding Tool Kit

Wedding Planning Toolkit

Episode Show Notes

Today I’m joined by Rachel Cruze, Personal Finance Expert and bestselling Author, from Ramsey Solutions to talk about wedding budgets & awkward money conversations with your partner. According to a study by SunTrust Bank, money disagreements are the top predictor of divorce, ahead of infidelity and communication problems. The study surveyed divorced adults and found […]

Wedding Budgets & Awkward Money Conversations to Have with Your Partner with Rachel Cruze

Episode Show Notes