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When you start planning your wedding, you’ll likely come across the roles of a venue coordinator and a wedding planner. While they may share some similarities (and may even have you wondering if you really need a wedding planner if your venue “includes” one, the truth is that there are vast differences between the two […]

Understanding the Difference Between a Venue Coordinator and a Wedding Planner

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Wedding Planner

Very early in the wedding planning process, many couples will ask, “Do you choose the wedding venue or the wedding planner first?” One of the most important decisions you will make early on in the wedding planning process is choosing your wedding venue, but the venue selection process is often fraught with overwhelm and indecision. […]

Choose the Wedding Venue or the Planner First?

Episode Show Notes

On today’s episode of the Ask the Planner podcast, we’re hearing from someone who has carved her own path and created a unique niche in the wedding and event industry. Whether you’re getting married and looking for a way to manage the stress and pressures of wedding planning or you’re a vendor in the industry […]

The Importance of Bridal Wellness and How to Scale a Wedding Business with Danielle Leilani

Episode Show Notes

Today I’m taking you behind the scenes of a real wedding, and what a wedding planner does on your wedding day. You’ll experience first-hand what goes into a wedding weekend – the obstacles we have to endure – and what we do to get around them. I took you behind the scenes with me in Season […]

What Does a Wedding Planner Do on Your Wedding Day?

Episode Show Notes