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Your Insider’s Guide to Black Friday and Cyber Monday Deals for Your Wedding and Wedding Business

November 20, 2023

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Today’s episode is going to be short and sweet as I give you an insider’s guide to Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals for your wedding and wedding business. I love a good sale, so I scouted out my favorite retailers, made some calls and emails, and today I’m going to help you map out your holiday shopping strategy.

Whether you’re engaged and want to know what you can buy now for your upcoming wedding, or you have a wedding business and you’re wondering if that website template you’ve had your eye on is going to be on sale, this episode is for you. 

Not ready to shop for Black Friday or Cyber Monday yet? Save this for later!

Black Friday and Cyber Monday Deals for Your Wedding and Wedding Business




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EPISODE HIGHLIGHTS: Your Insider’s Guide to Black Friday and Cyber Monday Deals for Your Wedding and Wedding Business

To fast-forward to a specific part of the podcast episode, check out the timestamps below:

  1. Clutch Chargers [6:49]
  2. Proven Skincare [9:21]
  3. Noteworthy Scents [14:22]
  4. Honeylove Shapewear [19:08]
  5. Tonic Websites [21:20]
  6. Dubsado Client Management System [23:05]
  7. Ask the Planner Template Shop [29:50]
  8. Things to Add To Your Emergency Kit [30:85]
  9. Wedding Day Supplies [32:18]




I know it seems a little early, but I’ve been noticing that so many retailers are starting their Thanksgiving and Black Friday sales early.I love a good sale,but my inbox is getting pretty full! With everyone pushing their Black Friday / Cyber Monday content,  I thought I would give you a road map so you have a heads up of who’s going to have the best sales so you can make a spending plan for your holiday shopping this year. 

So hopefully today’s episode gives you an idea of some things you can plan for to save a little coin whether for your wedding or your wedding business. 

And some of these items are for any of my listeners because they’re my all-time faves and I love sharing a good sale.

In all honesty, a lot of these items are going to be affiliate links (thanks for supporting the podcast), but you all know that I’m only an affiliate for a company that I actually use. Usually, when I love a product I seek them out to become an affiliate. 

I’m going to give you them in 4 different categories: Lifestyle / My all-time picks, Overall Business, Wedding Day Emergency Kit Stocking, and Wedding Day Supplies. On to the deals!

Our All-Time Favorite Products 

1. Clutch Chargers

This category is my list of go-to all-time favorite products and when they’re going on sale.

The first Black Friday sale to look out for is with Clutch Chargers. Clutch makes this tiny, almost credit card-sized battery that keeps my cell phone charged all day.

As a business owner, mom, a person getting through life, I am constantly on my phone, running errands, etc. Not to mention, I’m on my phone a lot on wedding days and I can’t leave my phone in a charger to charge while we’re executing an event. 

Clutch is having an up to 40% off Black Friday Bundle sale.

  • 20% off buy 1 or 2 chargers.
  • 30% off buy 3 chargers.
  • 40% off buy 4 or more chargers. 

You can save 20% off with my code DESIREE at checkout. Go to verveeventco.com/clutch and enter the code DESIREE at checkout.

2. Proven Skincare

Our next item won't surprise many of you if you’ve been around for a little bit. I SWEAR by Proven Skincare. Proven Skincare uses AI technology that customizes its formulas to your skincare goals, your location, and even your lifestyle.

You can learn more about my skincare journey and see actual untouched – yes, you see my non-makeup face – in my review on my blog.

For Black Friday, from November 14th to November 26th, PROVEN Skincare is offering its best deal of the year! Get your 3-step system for just $99.For listeners of our very own podcast, you can be upgraded with some free swag, including a spa headband, a toiletry bag, and a lip balm – a total retail value of $250.94, which is a 60% savings! I honestly love the spa headband. I brought it with me to our retreat in San Diego. 

The savings don't stop there! For Cyber Monday, from November 27th to December 4th, PROVEN is introducing something special – the personalized All-in-One Serum + Cryo Roller.

You can incorporate the Cryo Roller and the serum into your routine for $75, it has a total retail value of $165.98 – so you’re saving 54%. 

Head to PROVEN Skincare's website and use the code DEALOFTHEYEAR at checkout to get the 3-step routine plus the free gifts from now through November 26th. 

If you want the serum and the Cryo Roller, that sale starts on Cyber Monday and is good through December 4. Visit PROVEN Skincare's website and use code SERUMCM during checkout.

Again, if you want to see my before and after photos, you can see them online.

Your skin will thank you.

3. Noteworthy Scents

Our next sale to take note of is Noteworthy Scents. Well, enter Noteworthy Scents! 

If you’re looking for a new signature scent or want to add one to your collection, head to verveeventco.com/noteworthy to take their scents quiz. Enter the code DESIREE30 at checkout and receive 30% off of your entire cart for orders over $25. If your order is under $25, you can use the code DESIREE20 to get 20% off your scent discovery kit or the signature samplers. 

4. Honeylove Shapewear

My last item in the personal needs category that you’ll want to add to your shopping list is Honeylove’s shapewear. 

Right now, Honeylove is having a Black Friday preview sale of UP TO 50% off sitewide! The sale runs today through November 20th. Starting November 21 through November 30th, get up to 60% off sitewide. 

However, listeners of my podcast get an extra 10% off the sale price!! Go to my link for an extra 10% off the sale price. And guys, bras are expensive. Definitely stock up and take advantage of this sale and get an extra 10% off (no code necessary, but you need to visit the website through my link to get an extra 10% off the Black Friday sale.

Wedding Business Deals

1. Tonic Websites

For all you entrepreneurs and creatives out there, Tonic is my go-to for Website and graphic design Templates! Our podcast website and wedding planning website Verve Event Co. use Tonic website templates. Your website is like your digital front doorstep, so it’s important to make a good first impression.

From Nov 15-27, Tonic is running some amazing sales on their website.

First, the whole shop is 20% off. However, any website is 40% off. And they also have some content bundles with extra savings.

There are really too many sales to talk about individually on today’s episode, so to see the whole list, head to the show notes at or directly to verveeventco.com/tonicbf23

2. Dubsado 

Next up on the business side of things is Dubsado. 

So, I tried out Honeybook for a hot second and hated it. I know I’m going against the grain on this one and SO MANY people use Honeybook, but I think the platform is great for its clients, the Honeybook account holders, but definitely NOT for my clients. I do a super deep dive into my comparison of both platforms in my blog post.

If you’re ready to treat yourself to the gift of supercharged productivity, I recommend taking advantage of Dubsado’s Black Friday sale, which starts Tuesday, November 21st at 10 am PT  and ends Tuesday, November 28th at 2 pm PT.

Head to verveeventco.com/dub and get $50 OFF their yearly Starter or Premier plan. Use my code DESIREE to get an extra 10% OFF during checkout.

3. Ask the Planner Wedding Planning Template Shop

Our very own template shop is having a 30% off sale starting now through December 4th.

Head to shop.verveeventco.com and use HOLIDAY23 at checkout starting now, November 20th through December 8th for 30% off your entire cart. 

Wedding Day Emergency Kit

The following items are great for couples getting married but also my fellow wedding planners.

These items don’t have any specific coupon codes, but I wanted to bring them up as you’ll want to add them to your Amazon cart as you shop for everyone else. They’re all in our Amazon Storefront.

9. Wedding Day Supplies

And now for Wedding Day Supplies for my couples and wedding pros.

In the store, I also like the Radios/walkie-talkies we use on-site for weddings. 

For smaller wedding day supply items to look out for, below is a list of things to think about:

Black Friday and Cyber Monday Deals for Your Wedding and Wedding Business

That's it for today's episode of Ask the Planner Podcast. Thank you for joining me on this special holiday sale shopping episode, where I’ve unveiled some fantastic Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals that will elevate your wedding game.

If you have questions about what I talked about today, send me a DM or leave it in your review on Apple Podcasts, or leave a voicemail on our wedding planning hotline at 585-210-3467.

As you gear up for the holiday season, I hope these exclusive deals help you save some money during a busy time of the year. Thank you so much for tuning in. 

Happy shopping, happy saving, and most importantly, happy planning! 

I can’t wait to catch up with you next week.

Not ready to shop Black Friday or Cyber Monday wedding deals yet? Save this for later.

Black Friday and Cyber Monday Deals for Your Wedding and Wedding Business