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Your Secret Weapon to Planning Destination Bachelorette Parties

January 22, 2024

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Hello loverves! Danielle Eisenberg is joining us today to talk all about bachelorette parties and I could not be more excited. I know you love how we cover a variety of wedding topics here on the podcast and sometimes it’s nice to talk about something that’s more FUN and a little less serious but still very important! Danielle is the founder of Bach Place, which is a DIY web-based platform that streamlines the planning of bachelorette parties, from invites to scheduling and more. It’s even FREE for you to use. Danielle is truly an expert in all things bachelorette parties and it was so fun chatting with her about planning them, choosing a destination, budgeting, the drama that goes into planning them, and the latest bachelorette trends.

Honestly, I’m so excited to share this interview with you, so let’s dive in!









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EPISODE HIGHLIGHTS: Your Secret Weapon to Planning Destination Bachelorette Parties

To fast-forward to a specific part of the podcast episode, check out the timestamps below:

  • How BachPlace got started [2:48]
  • How BachPlace works [5:30]
  • BachPlace is FREE to use?! [6:22]
  • How to set a budget for a bachelorette party and communicate it among guests [8:01]
  • Why using a tool like BachPlace can help manage the logistics of a bachelorette party [12:42]
  • Should the bride pay for her own trip? [18:26]
  • The bachelorette trend we are all over [22:15]
  • Bachelorette party trends Danielle has been loving [23:54]
  • Things that help plan a bachelorette party [25:54]
  • Choosing a location [28:49]
  • How far in advance should you start planning your bachelorette [30:24]
  • How bachelorette parties are changing in 2024 [33:51]
  • Never have I ever with Danielle from BachPlace [37:44]
  • This or that with Danielle from BachPlace [39:08]




First, is BachPlace more of a concierge service, or is it more of a DIY platform? Can you tell us more about how it's set up?


Absolutely. Firstly, BachPlace is completely do-it-yourself. It's designed to consolidate all bachelorette planning needs into one location. It streamlines various steps like sending invites, scheduling, and itinerary planning, all accessible through a single app or web platform. Moreover, we want to make it easy. The goal is to simplify the process and minimize the workload, especially when most of us are juggling full-time jobs as well.



In terms of pricing, how do you guys compare to what's available? Is there a charge to use the platform? 


Our platform is free to use. This is possible through collaborations with vendors seeking new markets. Special agreements with these vendors ensure market-aligned pricing. Users can effortlessly find and book suppliers at no cost. Keeping the platform free was an important decision for us. We understand that while experienced planners might know how to do this to an extent if you’ve never done this before, it can feel overwhelming. Our platform wants to solve that sense of being overwhelmed by offering support and resources for efficient planning.



When users visit BachPlace, does the app or the user ask people what their budget is? How do you guys approach that aspect of the trip planning?


Discussing budget early is so important in bachelorette planning to prevent conflicts within friend groups, as money is a sensitive and often taboo topic. Our platform offers a budgeting tool for transparency, showing expenses as they occur, and includes payment splitting methods to ease the process. An option for anonymous budget submissions is available, allowing individuals to indicate their comfortable spending limit without attaching names. This approach fosters transparency and inclusivity in decision-making.



Are there other competing platforms out there? How does BachPlace compare to what other people are doing or using?


There are bachelorette planning services that are very localized, where you can hire a planner to help plan the entire thing, which we may eventually include on our platform. We don't view them as direct competitors. Our goal is to be the first web-based platform space. I think there are probably other apps that might cover something similar. But, our focus is on personalization and understanding the bride's desires and individuality to ensuring the planner can deliver precisely that. Every bride is different and shouldn’t feel that they need to have a cookie-cutter bachelorette because they saw it on social media. 



Why is using a platform like yours, where everything is accessible in one place, particularly helpful?


First, the planning tool simplifies and organizes the process, reducing stress. Second, we vette all our vendors, and we completely trust them. We also acknowledge the importance and uniqueness of each once-in-a-lifetime event and aim for perfection by minimizing mishaps. Safety is also a priority, especially for groups of women, to ensure a comfortable and secure experience.



In your experience, does the bride typically pay? How do you suggest or help people decide how that's handled for the bachelorette?


It varies for each situation, but if the bride pays, it's nice to show appreciation. Maybe with a small gift to make her feel special. However, considering the high cost of being a bridesmaid, I think the bride should pay for her own trip.



What are your thoughts on the term bride squad, bride tribe, etc?


I'm done with that. I think those terms have been overdone. I didn't even like it when they first came out, but it's my own personal opinion. Nobody needs another shirt that says that.



Are there trends in the bachelorette party space you're excited about?


I love the creative, funny themes people are coming up with on their bachelorettes. things like grandmas gone wild, Barbie, Guy Fieri – it all makes me laugh and is so fun!



What tools are at a user's disposal on BachPlace?


We're updating our platform soon. But, currently, when you log in users answer questions about the bride's preferences, like partying and relaxation, to receive personalized destination recommendations. Bookings are automatically added to the itinerary. Because we are a young company we are available through text or call for support. Our new budgeting tool is coming, offering visibility and itemization of expenses per guest. Our next version will introduce multi-user access, allowing guests to input details like flight information for better coordination and transparency, ensuring everyone stays informed and connected.



Can you provide suggestions or tips on picking a location that's easy for everyone to travel to?


When planning, first pick a date, then consider flights from where most guests are coming from, as travel costs vary. If staying in the US, ask the bride for three or four preferred destinations, then compare flight costs for a fair middle ground for guests from different locations. Also, consider the time of year and desired climate to match the bride's preferred vibe for the destination.



How early should planning for the bachelorette start, especially when if everyone lives in different states?


Once the wedding date is set, ask the bride when she wants the bachelorette to be and try to lock in a date quickly. The earlier you plan, the easier it becomes to find better accommodations and flights. Also, early planning gives guests more time to save up money. Planning around six months ahead is ideal, though this depends on the wedding date.



Is there anything else that you wanted to talk about that we haven't covered? As far as planning bachelorette parties?


Discuss the budget plan early, and regarding BachPlace, although we are a young company, we know what we are doing and are expert planners. We're looking for these early users to really help us shape what our product is going to be. We've already planned 45 bachelorettes, so we have a lot under our belt.



Could you elaborate on the trends in bachelorette parties regarding wellness, fitness, and drinking? How do you see these preferences influencing the industry overall?


Firstly, bachelorettes don't have to be drinking 24/7. Even when planning destination bachelorette parties where there’s a lot of partying, people still want a little bit of wellness, whether that's a hike in the morning or just healthy meals throughout the trip. We've seen bachelorettes becoming more about community than getting drunk at a pool party every day. It's about finding a good balance and creating memories together that you will actually remember. 





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