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Hey there, loverves! The heart of today’s conversation is going to be all about the charm and elegance of luxury micro weddings. That and exactly how much to budget for them! While the 2020 pandemic might seem like a long time ago, the truth is that we’ve seen a significant shift in how couples are […]

How much does a LUXURY micro wedding really cost? Going big on intimate experiences

Wedding Planning

You all LOVED last week’s episode where we kicked off part one of our wedding budget series all about wedding venue fees and how much your wedding venue really costs. Now today, for part two, we are getting into the FUN stuff (like creating your budget for florals!). While venue budgeting is typically centered around […]

How Much Does a Stunning Wedding Cost? Breaking Down the Cost of Wedding Florals, Rentals, and Decor


Welcome to today’s episode of Ask the Planner. I’m your host, Desiree Adams, and today we’re talking about custom wedding dresses and alterations with my special guest Sarah Kolis. Today we’re diving into the custom wedding gown and alterations process. Whether you’re newly engaged and on the hunt for the perfect gown or you’ve already […]

Unraveling the Custom Couture Wedding Dress and Alterations Process with Sarah Kolis

Episode Show Notes

Today I’m joined by Rachel Cruze, Personal Finance Expert and bestselling Author, from Ramsey Solutions to talk about wedding budgets & awkward money conversations with your partner. According to a study by SunTrust Bank, money disagreements are the top predictor of divorce, ahead of infidelity and communication problems. The study surveyed divorced adults and found […]

Wedding Budgets & Awkward Money Conversations to Have with Your Partner with Rachel Cruze

Episode Show Notes