The Most Overlooked Wedding Costs To Include in Your Budget

January 16, 2024

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First, Best wishes on your engagement! If I know you (and I think I do!), you've probably started dreaming about the perfect venue, the delicious cake, and, of course, the stunning attire. However, amidst the excitement, there are often some overlooked wedding costs that can sneak up on you and before you start busting out your favorite “wedding budget calculator”, we want to help. Start by grabbing our free wedding budget checklist to get started, and then let's dive in to those hidden expenses you don't want to miss (and the MOST overlooked wedding costs to include in your wedding budget!).  



overlooked wedding costs

1. Hair and Makeup for the Full Squad

When envisioning your wedding day look, remember it’s not just about you and your bridesmaids. Often, mothers, grandmothers, and even flower girls would be thrilled to be part of the pampering. These additional hair and makeup services can quickly add up, so if you're planning to foot the bill, including everyone in your initial count will give you a more accurate idea of budget! And don't forget the false lashes.

2. Dress and Suit Alterations

Another one of our most overlooked wedding costs is alterations! Often when you set aside a budget for your attire, you're only looking at the purchase price. The reality is, your wedding dress or suit might need more than just a simple hemming. From adding extra boning for better structure to adjusting the fit, alterations can vary widely in cost! It’s crucial to factor these potential expenses into your budget from the start. Check out this podcast episode for more to consider when shopping for your wedding dress.

3. Venue Fees: The Extras Add Up

Understanding what your venue fee includes (and what it doesn't) is vital. Often, couples are surprised by extra costs for tables, chairs, linens, and other essentials. Don’t forget to inquire about cake cutting fees, corkage, valet service, and even charges for using different spaces in case of inclement weather! The list can go on and on and choosing the right venue will have the biggest impact in your final wedding budget so it's worth knowing what to consider before signing on the dotted line. If you're in Upstate New York or Rochester, learn more about our venue scouting services here so we can support you!

a wedding planner organizing a wedding invitation suite

4. Pre-Wedding Beauty Regimen

Looking your best on your wedding day might involve starting a skincare routine MONTHS in advance. This investment not only ensures you look radiant on your special day but also helps your skin in the long run. For a tailored approach to skincare, consider exploring PROVEN Skincare. Check out my experience with it here. Your wedding day glow is just as important as every other detail! Great skin helps you look as good you feel.

5. Photography & Videography: Capturing Every Moment

While you likely know you need to budget for photography and videography, deciding how many camera operators you need and for how long can be tricky. Consider whether you want them present during your preparations, throughout the event, and even for the send-off. These decisions will impact your budget significantly. On top of that, it’s becoming more and more popular to hire a wedding day content creator to take BTS shots and candid moments of the wedding day.

a wedding planner looking at color swatches

6. Stationery Beyond Invitations

Day-of paper items such as place cards, menus, and signage often slip through the cracks during budget planning. These small details, (and an experienced wedding planner who can assist you with these decisions!), contribute significantly to the overall aesthetic and guest experience.

7. Feeding Your Vendors

Your vendors working the reception are working HARD and need to eat and have a break too! Providing meals for them is not just thoughtful, but often expected. It’s also a kind gesture to ask about dietary preferences or restrictions in advance.


8. Accommodations and Meals

These overlooked wedding costs go under the radar quite frequently. You need to think about where you, your partner, and close family members will stay before and after the wedding. Also, consider where everyone will get ready and arrangements for meals on the day of.

9. Flowers & Decor in Detail

The floral and decor budget often goes beyond the bridal bouquet and table centerpieces. Think about the welcome sign, aisle markers, cocktail tables, and other spaces that you might want to adorn with flowers. This is very often overlooked wedding costs that should be in mind when speaking to your florist or wedding planner! Again, make sure to grab our free wedding budget checklist to make sure nothing is missed.

wedding and event planner at verve event co talks about overlooked wedding costs to include in your budget

Unexpected Budget Costs for Your Wedding

While these costs might initially seem minor in the grand scheme of your wedding, they can accumulate and surprise you if not planned for. By considering these often-overlooked expenses, you can create a more realistic budget, avoiding any last-minute financial stress. Remember, the key to a successful wedding plan is not just dreaming big but also planning smartly and thoroughly.

And, if you need some help with wedding planning, don't forget to check out our ultimate wedding planning checklist, created by REAL wedding planners, to ensure you don't miss any of the details. Remember to enjoy every moment of this journey, and here’s to a day as perfect as your love story!