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Don’t feel like spending hours in a bridal shop? I don’t blame you. Hours or even days in bridal boutiques with multiple opinions from family and friends can be overwhelming. Aren’t you grateful for online shopping? Revolve is one of my favorite stores for special occasions. From gala gowns to designer wear, Revolve’s selection is […]

Our Favorite Online Wedding Dresses from Revolve

Revolve Bridal_Verve Event Co.


With so many companies and individuals making face masks these days, it can be challenging to find ones that fit your specific style, standards for quality, and comfort. I’ve scoured the internet and found the best of the best just for you!

Pandemic Wedding Fashion

Beaded Bridal Face Masks


Today, I’m going to say something you might find controversial, but you heard it here first. Boho brides are OUT. 2023 Wedding Dress Trends are going in a completely different direction. As an Upstate New York Wedding Planner, I always love to stay current (and bring you my findings here!). If you are currently looking […]

The Boho Bride Steps Aside: 2023 Wedding Dress Trends

Vagabond Windsor Wedding Dress | Verve Event Co. #bridestyle #bridalfashiontrends #bridalfashion