Our Favorite Online Wedding Dresses from Revolve

February 15, 2023

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Don't feel like spending hours in a bridal shop? I don't blame you. Hours or even days in bridal boutiques with multiple opinions from family and friends can be overwhelming. Aren't you grateful for online shopping? Revolve is one of my favorite stores for special occasions. From gala gowns to designer wear, Revolve's selection is quite vast. And their bridal department doesn't disappoint. Let's dive into my favorite online wedding dresses from Revolve this season.

In case we haven't officially met yet, let me quickly introduce myself! I'm Desiree, lead wedding planner and designer here at Verve Event Co. I live (and love) to plan luxury weddings and other heirloom occasions all over Upstate New York (the Finger Lakes, Hudson Valley, and beyond). If you are recently engaged, you can read more about ways to work together here. For your daily dose of wedding inspiration, make sure to follow me on Instagram.

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ATTACHMENT DETAILS 6-Wedding-Dress-from-Revolve-for-Your-Big-Day_Verve-Event-Co..png February 13, 2023

Online Wedding Dresses from Revolve

Let's start simple. This first dress is perfect if you're wanting a modern take on a traditional ballgown look. It's sleek and minimal but still gives a traditional ballgown feeling with the slight shape of the dress. It's not to form fitting. This classic strapless neckline is stunning on every body type. Plus, this dress is perfect for any season. It would make a beautiful summer dress but also a gorgeous winter look. 

Online wedding dress from revolve

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I absolutely love this dress. It's simple yet elegant and slightly sexy. You wouldn't need a ton of accessories. The dress really does speak for itself. It leans more modern and low-key compared to some of the others. It won't distract from the beauty of the bride herself. I think this would be a great reception dress or after party dress. One of our 2022 bride's wore a very similar looking dress to the dancing portion of her reception and she was so comfortable for the rest of the night. It can be fun to change up looks!

Strapless Online Wedding Dress from Revolve

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While this next dress is still on the simpler side, the lace fabric overlay makes for one stunning look. This dress just screams romance to me. You can never go wrong with lace. Especially when its done tastefully. It's so beautiful on brides. The pop of the mermaid train on this dress gives it a fun touch. While not overly dramatic, it adds another element for that wow factor. 

Online Wedding Dress from Revolve

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Now this dress is a statement. No doubt about that. The cinched waist with the dramatic fabric overlay allows for one fun dress. The shape of the dress draws attention yet the satin fabric and subtle sheen finish keep it classic. It's the perfect mix between playfulness and elegance. This would also be the perfect choice to pair some fun shoes with since you can actually see them with the slit.

Online Wedding Dress from Revolve_Verve Event Co.

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Another statement dress it is. This boned bodice and cowl neckline is just stunning. We're seeing this neckline and dress shape more and more this season. It's beyond flattering on every single body type. The detachable off-shoulder chiffon cape allows for two different looks. One may choose to wear the cape for the ceremony and remove it for dancing during the reception. Either way I don't think you can go wrong with this dress. Our Favorite Online Wedding Dresses from Revolve_Verve Event Co.Shop this look. 

Now this dress is full of all of the embellishments. From glitter to sequins – its a show stopper! The semi sheer tulle fabric softens the look from all of the bling. This is another dress where two looks are possible thanks to the detachable straps! The waist on this dress is quite flattering and allows for some structure before the beautiful train at the bottom.

Online Wedding Dresses from Revolve_Verve Event Co.

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I hope you enjoyed browsing my favorite online wedding dresses from Revolve. Remember, here is your permission to shop online! Please don't feel the pressure from others to go into a bridal boutique. While it can be an amazing experience, if you're more comfortable shopping from home, do just that! Its 2023. There are plenty of online bridal boutiques or department stores that carry designer dresses like Revolve.

If you're recently engaged and need help with the planning process, hi again! I'm Desiree, a professional wedding planner and designer in Upstate, NY to ensure flawless execution on your big day. On the other hand, if you're going the DIY-route, make sure to check out my template shop for all of my planning tips and tricks.