The Boho Bride Steps Aside: 2023 Wedding Dress Trends

May 14, 2019

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Today, I'm going to say something you might find controversial, but you heard it here first. Boho brides are OUT. 2023 Wedding Dress Trends are going in a completely different direction. As an Upstate New York Wedding Planner, I always love to stay current (and bring you my findings here!). If you are currently looking for a wedding planner in New York, make sure to get in touch here. OR, if you are DIY-ing it, make sure to shop my planner-approved wedding templates!

If you're wondering what to wear for your wedding, forget festival-inspired frocks. Bridal fashion trends are moving towards drama, glamour, and ultra-minimalism. If you want a dress that looks different from what all your friends wore last year, read on.

PS: While this article was originally published in 2020, it has since been updated! For even more current places to hear about the latest dress trends, check out:

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2023 bridal dress trends

Trends on the Way Out

According to Vogue, definitive bridal fashion “trends” don't really exist. “Many of them have grown out of “trendy” territory to become near-ubiquitous, like removable skirts and off-the-shoulder dresses, which we now see every season.” But Katie Wadhams, owner of Lovely Bride in Rochester, was able to describe details designers want dead. When talking about bridal fashion trends that may be tired or done, Wadhams says, “Designers are looking for a way to depart from the V-necks that have been so popular on wedding gowns over the past few years. [They want ways] to change them up and make them more interesting by plunging them all the way to the navel, adding illusion tulle, or interesting straps.”

She continues, “Sweetheart strapless continues to be shown in a very limited capacity at the bridal market. Brides are still looking for a departure from this – we often hear that it’s been done or that they want to avoid it for comfort. This is still a neckline that is universally flattering though so we encourage brides to give it a try!”

(Sidenote: My dress from my 2009 wedding was a sweetheart strapless dress. I loved it. But by 10:00 pm, the boning inside my corset had rubbed me for so long, it had almost cut into the skin on my sides. I was so ready to take that dress off because of the pain!! Thank goodness that doesn't seem to be on the radar for 2021 wedding dress trends.)

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2023 Bridal Fashion Trends We Love

Texture: Wadhams says, “We saw a lot of texture in the form of interesting new fabrications, embellishments, and floral appliqués. 3-D floral appliqués are going to be popular over the next few years in bridal.”

Dear Heart Dany Dress | Verve Event Co. #2020bridalfashion #bridalstyle #fashiontrends
The Dear Heart Dany dress's unique fabric and square, notched neckline are nice updates to previously seen looks from past seasons.

Clean & Classic: She continues, “Minimalism is still a huge bridal trend. We’ve seen it for a few seasons and will continue to see it now that Meghan Markle rocked it for her wedding and reception gowns.”

Vagabond Memphis and Theia Lindsay Wedding Dress | #2020bridaldresstrends #2020bridalfashion #weddingdresstrends | Verve Event Co.
The Vagabond Memphis and Theia Lindsay gowns illustrate that, in wedding gowns, less can be more.

Updated Necklines: According to Wadhams, “V-necks have been a go-to for brides over the past few years. But designers are starting to showcase new and interesting necklines. The three most popular new looks we saw were square necklines, high and halter necklines (again, thanks to Meghan Markle), and notched necklines, which are often combined with a squared silhouette.”

Vagabond Windsor Wedding Gown | Lovely Bride | Verve Event Co. #2020bridalfashion #bridalstyle #fashiontrends
Vagabond's Windsor dress, with its floral appliques and square neckline, combine multiple bridal fashion trends for the modern fashionista who wants something unique and contemporary.

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Designers to Watch

In the bridal fashion world, it's hard for new designers to gain footing. The upfront cost is so high before designers see any ROI, it's a challenging industry to break into. Even the writers at Vogue agree, “To start your own line and break through a market dominated by heritage brands (Oscar de la Renta, Elie Saab, Vera Wang) is difficult.”

The challenge of finding less-known designers is why I love stores like Lovely Bride, which styles itself as the O.G. of indie bridal shops. Lovely Bride helps their “lovelies” discover designers that they will love but may never have heard of. One such designer is Vagabond. According to Wadhams, “There was a ton of buzz around [Vagabond] at market. We're so excited to have it included in our collection at Rochester. It’s designed in South Africa and has a true “indie” vibe!  The gowns are eclectic, fun, interesting and feel very fresh. A lot of the trends outlined above are encapsulated in the line.”

Vagabond Wilde Wedding Gown | Lovely Bride | Verve Event Co. #2020bridalfashion #bridalstyle #fashiontrends
Vagabonde's Wilde dress is made with a contemporary lasercut leaf motif lace on top of a luxurious smoke grey tulle skirt. The dress is complete with an open back and long, romantic train.

Another designer's collection that she's also excited about is Willowby by Watters. “[The collection] looks absolutely beautiful this season. They showcased gorgeous floral appliqué works on their gowns. And there's a lot of playfulness in the line.”

Willowby Watters Dasher Wedding Gown | Lovely Bride | Verve Event Co. #2020bridalfashion #bridalstyle #bridestyle #plungingnecklinebridaldress
The Willowby Watters Dascher dress combines a minimalist skirt with floral appliques for a contemporary look.

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When to Shop for the Latest Bridal Fashion Trends

I don't know about you, but this article makes me super excited for upcoming bridal fashions. If you're wondering when they'll be available for you to see IRL, Wadhams says, “The newest trends and gowns will start hitting our store in August so for brides who are scoping out the latest looks from market on Instagram, that’s a great time to shop! If there are particular designers you like, check if there's a trunk show scheduled! You’ll get to see the full collection and also take advantage of a discount.” Click HERE to learn more about trunk shows in my article Wedding Dress Shopping 101

2021 Wedding Dress Trends | Willowby Watters Mercury Bridal Dress | Verve Event Co. | #bridalstyle #bridalfashiontrends #plungingnecklinebridaldress
Vagabond's Mercury dress combines multiple bridal fashion trends – a plunging neckline, champagne color, sleeves, and embellished material – modern brides will love.

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As they say, art imitates life. I hope this article makes you super excited about the latest bridal fashion and 2021 wedding dress trends! (If you're still worried about finding the right look for you, check out this post: Wedding Dress Shopping 101). Bridal fashion designers are giving us looks inspired by the people we love to stalk. Think Meghan Markel's long-sleeved minimalist Givenchy gown and Priyanka Chopra's ultra-embellished custom Ralph Lauren wedding gown. They're also innovating current trends to give future brides much to look forward to.

As a wedding planner, I would be crazy not to remind you that you don't have to do any of the alone. If you are DIY-ing a lot of your wedding planning, you'll find a lot of support in the Verve Event Co shop! Or, if you are in Upstate New York, you can read more about my wedding planning packages and services here.

If you haven't bought your dress yet, get excited! There's much to discover in the coming months. And if this article was helpful,  make sure to SUBSCRIBE TO THE ASK THE PLANNER PODCAST!

If you scrolled to the bottom . . .

Don't choose a bohemian, festival-inspired look. Designers are going ultra-modern or super-embellished and dramatic. To avoid feeling like everyone's already seen your wedding dress, try a square, halter, or high neckline. Or go super-embellished with floral appliques or a more unique fabric. And of course, if you are looking for an Upstate New York wedding planner, make sure to get in touch here.

Happy planning!

PS: Many thanks to Katie for providing BTS photos from the spring bridal market for this article! Cover photo via Vagabond.

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2023 bridal fashion trends