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The Best Wedding Planning Templates to Simplify Your Big Day

April 17, 2024

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Planning a wedding can be a journey filled with excitement, dreams, and, let's be honest, a bit (okay, maybe a lot) of stress. The truth is, though, it could be a lot easier. With our specially crafted wedding planning templates (written and created for you by an ACTUAL wedding planner), it can be. From checklists to mood boards, we've got everything you need to make your wedding planning as joyful as the day itself. And because we love celebrating love, we're offering an exclusive budget discount when you bundle up—because the only thing better than a perfect wedding is saving a bit on the way there.

Right now, if you spend over $350, you'll automatically receive a 10% off discount at checkout!

If you love organization (and trust me you NEED to be organized while planning a wedding), these templates will be your best friend! Have any questions? A Send us a DM on Instagram or learn more about working with us here!

1. Ultimate Wedding Planning Checklist

Firstly, forget what you know about online wedding checklists. Most of them are written by writers, not wedding planners. Instead, our Ultimate Wedding Planning Checklist is the definitive guide to organizing your big day. Moreover, this one is created by REAL wedding planners to ensure you don’t miss any of the details (and we even include tips and planning advice along the way)! Hosted in Trello (which can be accessed on your desktop or through a free app on your phone!) it's easy to manage everything from 12-month plans to the smallest details on the go. You'll never wonder “what's next?” again. 


The Best Wedding Planning Templates: ultimate wedding planning checklist

2. Wedding Mood Board Template

Want to know the secret to a stunningly designed wedding? It starts with a mood board. If you're ready to go beyond basic color schemes, you have got to grab our easy-to-edit Wedding Mood Board Template. While it might seem like a luxury, it's your visual communication tool to ensure your vendors capture your vision perfectly. Say goodbye to misunderstandings and hello to your dream wedding design.

The Best Wedding Planning Templates: Wedding Mood Board Template

3. Wedding Budget Bundle

Worried about overspending? We get it. Weddings are an INVESTMENT, and costs can add up fast. Enter: our Wedding Budget Bundle, your financial guardian angel. Featuring TWO comprehensive tracking and cash flow spreadsheets, we are making it as easy as possible to plan your expenses and monitor your cash flow like a pro. For less than $50, we consider this a MUST if you want to avoid wasting your hard-earned cash on things you don't need (or overspending in one area only to be forced to cut something that you consider more important!). 

The Best Wedding Planning Templates: Wedding Budget Bundle

4. Wedding Day Master Organizer & Day-Of Spreadsheet

Whether you're a new wedding planner or a DIY bride, our Wedding Day Master Organizer has you covered. From Google Sheets planning spreadsheets to printer-ready templates, this is EXACTLY what we carry with us to ensure that every detail is checked and so that we can ensure a stress-free wedding day for our couples.

The Best Wedding Planning Templates: Wedding Day Master Organizer & Day-Of Spreadsheet

5. Wedding Pocket Schedule

Wrangling your wedding party can be a full-time job, am I right? If you want to keep your wedding party informed and punctual, our chic Wedding Pocket Schedule can help. Trust me when I say this, keeping everyone on the same page and knowing exactly where they need to be and when can feel like a small yet significant detail. Plus, it will make a big difference in keeping the day smooth and enjoyable for everyone involved.

The Best Wedding Planning Templates: Wedding Pocket Schedule

6. Wedding Vendor Email Templates and Interview Questions

Ever wonder what to ask your wedding vendors? With our wedding vendor email templates and interview questions, you'll have everything you need to know at your fingertips. Asking the right questions upfront is KEY to booking the right vendors. These scripts help you show up prepared and confident. 

The Best Wedding Planning Templates: Wedding Vendor Email Templates and Interview Questions

7. Day-Of Timelines Bundle

As wedding planners who believe in the power of wedding planning templates, we believe that crafting a seamless wedding day is an art. Go figure. And when our couples hire us? They know that there is a good chance their wedding day will run on schedule to the minute. While a timeline may not feel as important in the early stages of planning, I can promise you that this is one of the most valuable things you can do to prepare for your wedding day. Our Day-Of Timelines Bundle will help you create detailed timelines for a day that flows smoothly, leaving you to soak in every beautiful moment without worry.

The Best Wedding Planning Templates: Day-Of Timelines Bundle

8. How to Plan a Styled Shoot Mini Course

Are you a wedding vendor reading this and checking off what you need? If so, and you want to boost your portfolio and attract your dream clients, styled shoots are a GREAT way to do that. Our styled shoot mini course will teach you how to plan a styled shoot with ease. These planning resources will guide you through creating impactful visuals that speak volumes in an online world when it comes to marketing your business. 

The Best Wedding Planning Templates: How to Plan a Styled Shoot Mini Course

9. Styled Shoot Timeline & Shot List Bundle

Did you hear me when I said Styled Shoots can be a great investment for your business? While planning one, our Detailed Styled Shoot Timeline and Shot List Bundle ensure you capture every important moment and detail, showcasing your best work effectively.

The Best Wedding Planning Templates: Styled Shoot Timeline & Shot List Bundle

The Best Wedding Planning Templates

Lastly, each of these wedding planning templates in our collection is designed with love, attention to detail, and a deep understanding of the joys and challenges of wedding planning. Visit our shop today and take the first step towards a wedding that’s not just celebrated, but enjoyed. Plus, spend over $350 and get a 15% discount automatically applied at checkout. What more do you need to “add to cart”? These wedding planning templates are way cheaper than hiring us to plan your wedding!

Want more wedding planning advice? If so, you're in the right place! Check out our wedding planning podcast for A LOT more insights, and remember to enjoy every moment of this journey! Here’s to planning YOUR heirloom occasion.