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Don’t feel like spending hours in a bridal shop? I don’t blame you. Hours or even days in bridal boutiques with multiple opinions from family and friends can be overwhelming. Aren’t you grateful for online shopping? Revolve is one of my favorite stores for special occasions. From gala gowns to designer wear, Revolve’s selection is […]

Our Favorite Online Wedding Dresses from Revolve

Revolve Bridal_Verve Event Co.


You’ve watched Say Yes to the Dress, but now it’s your turn. Other than booking an appointment at Kleinfeld’s, do you really know where to shop for your wedding dress and/or other bridal attire? As New York wedding planners, helping couples choose wedding attire they love is just a small part of the job, but […]

Where to Shop For Your Wedding Dress (& Suits and Tuxes!)

where to shop for your wedding dress in NY

Wedding Planner

I know I am not the only one looking forward to warmer weather and the start of the next wedding season, right? As a Rochester wedding planner, spring weddings often “start the season” and always bring me a fresh bout of energy watching the wedding designs and plans I’ve helped couples with for the past […]

5 Striking Spring Wedding Colors in 2022

spring wedding color ideas from NY wedding planner

Color Palettes

Ever wondered what’s going on behind the scenes in the wedding publications you see in magazines? It might surprise you (especially if you are in the beginning stages of wedding planning) but most of what you see online and in print are wedding photos designed FOR publications and not in fact real weddings. As a […]

Spring Wedding Ideas from Upstate New York