2019’s Insta-Worthy Wedding Trends for Your Big Day

There are so many awesome wedding trends for 2019. But knowing what to incorporate at your own wedding can be challenging. Have you ever gotten sucked down an inspiration rabbit hole (aka Pinterest)? You may have wondered, “How am I going to make my wedding look different from everyone else’s?” You are not alone! I hear this all the time. One bride said to me on #AskAPlanner, “There is so much [inspiration] out there, I have no idea what’s right for my wedding.”

In today’s post, I’m going to show you how to avoid becoming overwhelmed by all the noise so you can choose the right wedding trends for your wedding. First, I’ll teach you how to identify your wedding aesthetic. Then I’ll discuss my favorite trends of the year and ways you can incorporate them. This will help you focus your planning (and budget) and avoid last-minute Pin-tastrophes. *womp* womp*

The common theme throughout this year’s wedding trends is personalization. Couples want their weddings to be different from everyone else’s (shocker). According to Martha Stewart Weddings, “major life events are becoming more and more about the couple of the moment — if these touches are any indication, weddings are becoming more personalized than ever before.”

But enough talk. On with the post.

2019's Insta-Worthy Wedding Trends for Your Big Day | Verve Event Co. #weddingtrends #nywedding #rochesterwedding

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Step 1) Choose Your Aesthetic

Before you can know which wedding trends to use at your wedding, you need to choose a theme or aesthetic that fits with your style and taste. It doesn’t have to be literal like your Prom theme. (No one wants to relive “Hollywood Nights.”) It could be words or feelings that resonate with you. Examples include, “timeless,” “casual,” “relaxed,” “whimsical,” “vibrant.” For more guidance on how to choose your aesthetic, see my post “The First 4 Steps of Wedding Planning.”


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Step 2) Go Organic

Flowers and Tree Ceremony Backdrop | Verve Event Co. 2019 Wedding Trends

Another wedding trend among couples is making their wedding feel “organic.” You can achieve this in many ways. One way is to use a tree or landmark as the focal point for your wedding ceremony. If there’s budget, decorate the tree with flowers creeping up the tree like a vine. This will also make an amazing Instagram spot for your guests after the ceremony.  Source: Mod Wedding

Modern Party Hire Adelaide Lotus Oak Lounge | Verve Event Co. Wedding Trends Birch flatware | 2019 Wedding Trends by Verve Event Co. #weddingtrends #weddinginspiration #nywedding

Another way to bring in the organic wedding trend is including wooden textures as part of the “color palette.” Try incorporating rattan furniture like this Lotus couch or using wood-handled flatware.


Step 3) Incorporate Smells

Anthropologie Miniature Oil Diffuser | Verve Event Co. Modern Wedding Trends #upstatenywedding #weddingtrends

Ten years ago, hotels began pumping smells throughout the property based on the time of day. For example, to wake you up for morning meetings, they diffused citrus. At night, lavender to help you prepare for sleep. Using scents to shape the guest experience is now making its way into weddings. This is no surprise since your sense of smell is the strongest sense linked to your memory. According to The Knot, “Custom blends are being crafted especially for the occasion.” To incorporate this modern wedding trend, spray a special scent on your invitations. On the day of your wedding, diffuse it at the reception as guests arrive with a miniature oil diffuser. You could take it one step further by offering it to guests as their wedding favor in a candle or handmade sachet.


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Step 4) Surprise Them With Color

Modern Wedding Trends | Black plates black flatware | Verve Event Co. #modernwedding #weddingtrends #upstatenywedding

I love incorporating surprising details as part of the event design. It makes me happy when guests pause to enjoy small, unexpected touches. A great way to incorporate this wedding trend is with the use of color. Instead of white china and silver flatware, serve dinner on matte black china. Add matching flatware for a dramatic yet elegant change to the dinner table. The set I used above is from Amazon but many rental companies carry black, copper, and other options, as well.

Smoke bomb wedding exit | Modern Wedding Trends | Verve Event Co. #modernwedding #weddingtrends #upstatenywedding

Another way to add a pop of color is with smoke bombs! According to Pinterest’s Top 100 Trends for 2019, searches for smoke bombs increased by 436% in the last year. To add a modern touch to your wedding, considering using smoke bombs instead of sparklers as part of your ceremony exit. But plan carefully. Smoke bombs won’t damage your clothes, but they only last for a minute, so make it count!


Step 5) Choose a Non-Traditional Venue

The Cracker Factory Wedding by Rachel Liz Photography | Verve Event Co. #Cracker Factory Wedding | Verve Event Co. #rochesterwedding #Industrialweddingvenue #rochesterwedding

According to The Knot, breweries have now replaced wineries as a trendy wedding venue. This further illustrates that couples want unique spaces to say, “I do,” such as lofts and former warehouses and factories. Anticipating this, Air BnB will soon give users the ability to rent event venues via their website. I have already talked to several couples (and venues!) regarding wedding venues on Air BnB. This replaces more traditional wedding directories like The Knot or Wedding Wire.


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When it comes to planning a modern, trendy wedding, there’s no right or wrong way to do it. The most important thing is to incorporate details about you and your relationship. Choose elements about your love and share them with your guests. Tell them who you are as a couple, and they will appreciate being witnesses to your love story.


If you scrolled to the bottom . . .

The hottest wedding trend is customization. Modern couples are choosing details to personalize their wedding like never before. They are making the wedding feel organic, incorporating custom smells, and searching for the most unique places to tie the knot.

For help on choosing your aesthetic, see my post “The First 4 Steps of Wedding Planning.”

Which trends do you plan on incorporating at your wedding? Are there other trends you see that you plan to use?

Happy planning!

PS: Don’t forget to save this post so you can come back to it later!

2019's Insta-Worthy Wedding Trends for Your Big Day | Verve Event Co. #weddingtrends #nywedding #rochesterwedding

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