Coral Wedding Inspiration: 6 Subtle Ways to Add Living Coral to Your Modern Wedding

Have you Googled “living coral wedding inspiration” only to find the same, tired Pinterest images of peach and mint weddings? As a member of the design community, I loved hearing Pantone announce Living Color as the 2019 Color of the Year. It’s a vibrant, happy color. Pantone’s description even aligns with my perspective on weddings and events. According to them, Living Coral shows our need for “authentic and immersive experiences that enable connection and intimacy.” And according to Bazaar, it “will make life less of a dumpster fire.” So there’s that.

But seriously, Living Coral is a pretty vibrant hue. I get why it might intimidate some who want to incorporate it into their wedding color scheme. Don’t worry, friend. I’ve got you.

In today’s post, I show you six subtle ways to incorporate “Living Coral” at your modern wedding without overdoing it.

This will help keep your wedding modern and on-trend without making it look dated. Living Coral is great for spring, summer, and even fall weddings. It’s also a departure from the washed out tones that have been popular lately.

I’m ready for something fresh and different. How about you?

6 Subtle Ways to Add Living Coral To Your Wedding | Verve Event Co. #livingcoral #livingcoralweddinginspiration #upstatenywedding

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1) Color Palette Choice

Travel Themed Living Coral Wedding Shower Inspiration | Verve Event Co. #livingcoral #livingcoralweddinginspiration #upstatenywedding

Before I get into specific examples, let’s talk about color schemes and color palettes. A balanced color scheme is the foundation of  good wedding design. You need to pick colors that can stand up to the vibrant shade. I often look to nature or art to get ideas for color palettes. Here, I show a color palette with Living Coral that I created for a travel-themed wedding shower. I use colors that are similar in brightness but also have cool tones and warm tones to balance each other. The yellow is my neutral color. Blue and green contrast with coral and pink because they are complementary colors.


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2) Signature Cocktails

Coral Drink Wedding Inspiration #livingcoralwedding #weddinginspiration #livingcoral

Who can resist a signature cocktail that is both attractive and delicious? Bonus ten points if it’s in your color palette! For brunch, how about a raspberry and orange mimosa? For some Spanish flair, serve grapefruit sangria. | Recipe Idea: Sparkling Grapefruit Lillet Rosé


3) Lip Color

Urban Decay Vice Lipstick in Checkmate | #livingcoral #livingcoralweddinginspiration

My grandmother never went anywhere without lipstick. I love how Urban Decay’s Vice lip color in Checkmate pops. It makes for a fun, yet subtle way to incorporate Living Coral into your wedding day.


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4) Lounge Seating & Furniture

Anthropologie Elowen Chair | Living Coral Wedding Inspiration | Verve Event Co. #livingcoral #livingcoralweddinginspiration #upstatenywedding

Lounge seating is another way to incorporate Living Coral into your wedding design. Add two of these Elowen dining chairs from Anthropologie next to a comfy couch. They will add a subtle pop of coral without going overboard.


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5) Wall Decor

Coral Wedding Ceremony Backdrop | Verve Event Co. #livingcoralwedding #bohoweddingceremony #nywedding

Statement wall decor is another place you can include Living Coral. Hang it behind your escort card display or have it serve as your ceremony backdrop for a bohemian touch.


6) Florals  & Fruit

Coral Dahlia Wedding Inspiration| Flowerwell Rochester Florist | Verve Event Co. #livingcoral #livingcoralweddinginspiration #upstatenywedding

Flowers are an obvious way to incorporate Living Coral into your wedding inspiration. Luckily there are gorgeous coral tones in a variety of flowers. I can never get enough of the dahlias grown by local flower farmer Flowerwell. I mean, can you even with the color in her dahlias? You could also use grapefruit in centerpieces for a surprising pop of Living Coral. But be careful with using fruit. Their shelf life is short and can be tricky.


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I hope this post made Living Coral less scary and you consider it in your wedding inspiration. It is important to pair it with hues that are similar in vibrancy. If you think the shade will overpower your other colors, use it as an accent color.


If you scrolled to the bottom . . .

Living Coral is a great way to make your wedding look current and on-trend. Use the color as an accent to avoid making your wedding look dated. Check out my Pinterest for other Living Coral Wedding Inspiration.

Until next time . . . happy planning!

PS: Don’t forget to save this post so you can come back to it later!

6 Subtle Ways to Add Living Coral To Your Wedding | Verve Event Co. #livingcoral #livingcoralweddinginspiration #upstatenyweddingplanner

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