Beyond Signature Cocktails: How to Stack Your Wedding Bar with the Latest Trends (and Surprise Your Guests!) with Rumble+Stir

January 29, 2024

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Hello loverves! I’m so excited to bring you Kyle Olson, from Rumble and Stir, onto the podcast today to spill ALL the tea about ALL the drinks you may be considering on your wedding day. We talk about everything from logistics you definitely won’t have considered when it comes to your wedding beverages to delicious cocktail and mocktail trends. Kyle definitely has a passion for cocktails and is a true master of his craft. I loved having him on the podcast today and I’m sure you’re going to love this episode where we go beyond signature cocktails too. Cheers!

Beyond Signature Cocktails: How to Stack Your Wedding Bar with the Latest Trends (and Surprise Your Guests!) with Rumble+Stir


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  • Where most cocktails start (6 recipes!) [5:54]
  • Top signature cocktails trends [7:10]
  • Considering your guest count when choosing a cocktail [11:45]
  • How to elevate ANY cocktail [13:35]
  • Incorporating seasonal elements into cocktails [18:12]
  • How adventurous is TOO adventurous for your cocktail? [20:30]
  • Logistics to consider when providing your own alcohol [24:30]
  • How to save money on signature cocktails [31:50]
  • Creative and delicious mocktails to include [35:10]
  • Make sure you have enough staff for your bar [39:00]
  • Never Have I Ever with Rumble+Stir [44:00]
  • This or That with Rumble+Stir [47:10]

What are the current trends in cocktails for weddings and events?

The biggest trend I’ve noticed is incorporating their pets into the inspiration for the cocktail. I’ve had multiple cocktails that we’ve created and renamed for couples that were based on their dogs. 

What flavors or ingredients are clients frequently requesting?

Current popular cocktails include Espresso Martinis and Dirty Martinis, which have recently regained popularity. Additionally, Spritzes are in demand, particularly the Aperol Spritz and the Hugo Spritz, a newer addition in the States, but really popular in Italy, that incorporates St. Germain, Prosecco, mint, and club soda.

When people include pets, do they provide the pet's name or describe the pet? For example, ‘We have this dog named [X]. Can you suggest a cocktail for this?' 

In my experience, it’s always the pets name. For example, a recent request involved a dog named Sage. The couple wanted a cocktail with sage, the herb, and gin, as the father loves gin. While classics like a Cosmo are universally liked, creating something unique and personal is special. I enjoy using these guidelines to understand the couple and their guests better, determining if they prefer sweeter or more complex flavors. If I don't have a ready recipe, like with gin and sage, I research and experiment with several options. Discovering new flavors is a part of the process I love.”

How do you balance the artistry of the cocktail with the ability to produce it in large quantities?

A key aspect is pre-batching items for efficiency. For instance, at family parties, I bring pre-mixed cocktails. However, at weddings, the theatrical aspect of craft cocktails is important. People enjoy watching their drinks being made, like an Old Fashioned, where the preparation is part of the experience. To balance this, we pre-batch fresh juices to avoid using artificial ingredients and to save time, as using fresh ingredients elevates a cocktail. This preparation allows for a creative and efficient mixing process, where combining the spirit with our pre-made mix takes only 20-30 seconds.

Do you have any go-to flavors or ingredients that work well for specific seasons, like fall or spring weddings, that are generally successful?

Some couples prefer classics like martinis, cosmos, and espresso martinis year-round. But considering the season is important. Spritzes are great for summer, while fall calls for apple and spice flavors. In summer, use fresh fruits and herbs like mint. For spring, add edible flowers to cocktails for a visual touch.

When creating adventurous cocktails, do you consider balancing them to appeal to a wide range of guests, or do you focus on catering to the adventurous clients while recognizing that some guests may prefer classic choices?

Familiarity with the ingredients can encourage people to try new cocktails, even if they're unfamiliar with the drink's name. While I provide a list of crowd-pleasing classics, some couples express a preference for unique ingredients like Amaro, a bitter Italian liqueur. I support their choice. Ultimately, it's the couple's decision, and I'm happy to create cocktails that align with their preferences.

When a client is considering whether to buy all the ingredients or have you provide some, how do you approach this situation?

It depends on the venue. We partner with Crispin Hill for 2024 weddings, utilizing their liquor package. Clients only need to bring specialty items not provided by Crispin Hill. We're very insistent that we bring all the fresh ingredients no matter what. I provide detailed shopping lists based on cocktail choices and guest count. Sometimes, clients opt for cheaper alternatives, compromising quality. When we provide the ingredients, it may be slightly more expensive, but it ensures the best quality, quantity, and a stress-free experience for the client.

Do you have cost-effective recommendations for couples looking to create economical cocktails?

To bring the price down, consider cocktails with overlapping ingredients. For example, if you choose vodka-based cocktails like a Cosmo and a Lemon Drop, they share ingredients like Triple Sec, reducing the need for many individual bottles. While not everyone may prefer this approach, it's possible to create a great bar with one base spirit, like vodka or gin, and make multiple cocktails using shared ingredients.

Not all guests consume alcohol. What are your favorite creative mocktails that ensure everyone feels included in the celebration?

When it comes to mocktails, simplicity can be a great approach. For example, a virgin Moscow mule with just ginger beer and lime juice is delicious and refreshing. You can also experiment with flavors like cranberry-lime ginger beer or raspberry ginger beer. Also, never underestimate the power of herbs. Another idea is to create mocktail versions of specialty cocktails, like the Cosmopolitan and mojito. There are unique non-alcoholic ingredients available, including spirits that mimic the flavors of alcoholic beverages. 

Is there a number or a ratio or a formula that you like to follow to ensure that there's enough bartenders per guest?

The most ideal would be 50 guests per bartender, but when you have strong bartenders, that number can go up to 75 guests per bartender. 

What if a client wants to have their friend mix the drinks for the night? What are your thoughts on that?

If they're a close friend you want to celebrate with, it may not be ideal for them to work the entire night. On the other hand, if they're not well-known to you or bartending isn't their profession, there can be risks involved. Bartenders should prioritize professionalism and great service, and in my experience, drinking on the job is typically off-limits for professional bartenders. Asking a friend to bartend can strain the friendship, especially if they become stressed, and there's excessive drinking. If possible, hiring a professional bartender is a recommended alternative.

Did this episode make anyone else thirsty?

It definitely made me want to have some cocktails or mocktails! That’s all for today loverves but I genuinely hope you loved today’s episode as much as I did. Kyle’s passion is infectious and I can’t wait to bring some of these ideas into the 2024 weddings we plan this year. 



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Beyond Signature Cocktails: How to Stack Your Wedding Bar with the Latest Trends (and Surprise Your Guests!) with Rumble+Stir