Wedding Floral Trends to Avoid: Inspiration from New York’s Top Florists

March 20, 2019

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Happy (almost) Spring, friends! I'm taking a poll. Raise your hand if you're planning on having greenery and white (or greenery garlands or seeded eucalyptus) as part of your wedding floral design? Be honest. What if I told you that was a bad idea? Hear me out. There are so many other floral trends and sources of inspiration.

In today's post, I'm representing floral designers of the world (or at least florists in New York). I'm asking you, respectfully, to reconsider. When you're finished reading this post, you will have so many sources of inspiration for your wedding flowers. Everyone will be pinning your wedding flowers instead of the other way around!

But what else should I do, Desirée? This is what Pinterest shows me when I search for “wedding flowers.” Well, lucky for you I know some pretty amazing floral designers in Upstate New York. I've polled some of the best and am sharing with you our ideas to move your wedding florals beyond your Pinterest feed. Avoid seeing the same ideas at five other weddings between now and your wedding. (Because really, that would be the worst.)

Wedding Floral Trends to Avoid - Inspiration from New Yorks Top Floral Designers by Verve Event Co #nyweddingflorist #upstatenywedding #nyweddingplanner

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But first, some background

What should you think about when it comes to planning your wedding flowers? According to Jenny Rae Siplo of Flowerwell, a florist in Western New York: “For exceptional florals, think about the season when your wedding will be. Don't give your floral designer specific varieties and colors already in mind. Keep the door open for them to offer their creativity, wisdom, and advice. As a flower farmer and designer, I provide the best flowers and floral design when I am working within the season.” This makes for the best combination because, as Siplo puts it, “It takes the stress off of you to know exactly what you want. And [it] guarantees the flowers on your wedding day will be top-notch, fresh, and seasonal.”

And now, a round-up of my favorite trends and sources of inspiration for you!

1) Pantone's 2019 Color of the Year: Living Coral

   Pistil and Pollen Upstate New York Wedding Florist Verve Event Co. #rochesterweddingflorist #upstatenyweddingflorist #nyweddingplanner

Tricia DiMarco and Michael Reyes of Pistil & Pollen, a florist in Rochester, New York, said, “We’re really feeling invigorated by Pantone’s Color of the Year. We're hoping to work on projects that incorporate more exciting palette options. There’s a whole world of amazing flowers outside of eucalyptus, hydrangea, and roses! We’d love to show our clients all the possibilities their flowers can offer when planning their big day. As designers, we create thoughtful compositions made up of seasonal and locally sourced flowers that will complement your vision while drawing on the drama of the changing of the seasons.” I love the organic feel of their arrangements, don't you? | Source: Pistil & Pollen


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2) Slow Your Pinterest Scroll

Elle Decor Notting Hill Emerald House and Triangular Ceremony Arch Wedding Flower Inspiration Verve Event Co. #rochesterflorist #nyweddingflorist #upstatenyweddingplanner

I also spoke to Stacy Ercan, owner of Stacy K Floral, a floral, event, and design studio in Rochester, New York. I loved all her ideas for new sources of inspiration. She and I agreed that Pinterest is giving our couples tunnel vision when it comes to floral design. Pinterest is only showing you a small sample of what's possible. How do you avoid this? Look somewhere else! Her favorite sources of inspiration include ideas outside of Pinterest: “Anything from an Elle Decor photo, a painting, an outfit, or color swatches. I am yearning to create unique, customized event floral for those who are willing.”

When asked her favorite trends right now, she said, “I do love seeing more plants worked in to design again. I am currently obsessed with emerald and rose gold as a color scheme with dark wood accents.” Yes! “I [also] love triangles and circles played in as shapes and structures. [Finally], I'm a stationery addict. A good botanical floral envelope liner inspires me to create delicious floral designs to complement.” Yes, yes, and yes! | Sources: Emerald and Rose Gold Wedding, Emerald and Rose Gold Sofa, Elle Decor Home InspirationTriangular Ceremony Backdrop


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3) Make Flowers Part of the Experience

Wedding Floral Cart Experience Floral Wedding Trends Verve Event Co. #rochesterweddingflorist #upstatenywedding #nyweddingplanner

What if your guests were able to create their own floral designs? You don't have to use them as centerpieces (although you could if you trusted them or were into that). But what if your guests could make flower bouquets at the end of the night as part of their wedding favors? Too involved for you? Set up a floral cart after dinner and let guests take photos with it and take pre-made bouquets to go. Who wants to do this with me? This would also be great for a wedding shower! | Source


4) Use This Instead of That

If you insist on using something you've seen before, Jenny Rae Siplo of Flowerwell suggests these ideas to take your ideas from tired to inspired:

  • ​Earthy tones with a neutral base color palette instead of white and green;
  • Mauves, taupes, creams, hints of burgundy and dusty blushes instead of blush and white;
  • Gardenesque style designs instead of round, cookie-cutter styles;
  • Loose smilax or olive garland instead of seeded eucalyptus;
  • Add hand-dyed silk ribbon to your bouquet! It is a lovely keepsake and it looks dreamy in photos.
  • Brass Cuff Corsages and Floral Hair Combs are a must.

Source: Flowerwell | Photography by Alexandra Meseke Photography

Looking for wedding stationery? We love Minted!


Guys, there are so many ways to have gorgeous flowers at your modern wedding in upstate New York. First, listen to the professionals you've hired and be open to ideas they bring. When you give artists room to create freely, you will be so much happier with what they design for you alone. Pinterest is a great jumping off point. But look for inspiration from elements in the environment around you. If you're still stuck (or even if you feel pretty good but want a little extra guidance), let's talk! I would love to put together a custom event design that's yours alone.

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If you scrolled to the bottom . . .

Your florist dies a little bit every time you ask for seeded eucalyptus and white for your wedding. Be open to suggestions from them for what flowers will be in season during your wedding. Look for inspiration outside of Pinterest – Elle Decor, runway trends, even a swatch of material or a piece of art. Need more ideas? Subscribe to my podcast Ask the Planner wherever you get your favorite shows. I interview experts in the wedding industry and share with you all I know – the good, the bad, and the tacky!

Happy planning!

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Wedding Floral Trends to Avoid - Inspiration from New Yorks Top Floral Designers by Verve Event Co #nyweddingflorist #upstatenywedding #nyweddingplannerSource: Florals by Stacy K Floral, Photography by Alexandra Elise Photography

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