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I would love to hear from you! Drop me a note at hello@verveeventco.com. I can't wait to chat with you!

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Yes! I'm always excited to meet talented and eager future planners. Please visit our Internships page. The company's needs are always changing and I love mentoring future planners. 

Are you hiring or have an intern program?

YES! We would love that! Many couples Full Service planning even though they've booked "their main vendors." We work with them on budget creation and tracking, vendor management, event design, among many other things. We work with their vendors to ensure all their planning is in order, such as updating timelines, production schedules, and inventory lists, so that they can be fully present with their guests during the whole weekend.


I'm so glad you asked! Custom design is a key component throughout the planning process. We discuss in depth your tastes and style and we tailor the wedding design to you. It walks you through the day scene by scene. Imagery, color palettes, layouts, and fabric swatches are only the beginning. Click here to see an example.

The thought of picking out colors and making everything look cohesive makes me anxious. Can you help?

One of the first things I do for my full-service clients is draft a realistic budget. It accounts for your priorities and your vision for the day. I present you with pricing options so you have control over your spending. This prevents anxiety about surprise costs and gives you more control of your budget. A wedding planner is an investment in you and your wedding. A majority of vendors are with you on your day and your day only. I support you for the duration of the planning process AND at the wedding and often even after. You are paying for expertise to manage a complex team of vendors with intricate nuances. My couples want their wedding to be a time of joy and celebration for them and their guests. They want to experience the day calm and focused on their family, not distracted and tense. I help them achieve that.

you're over my budget but i still want to work with you. help!

In reality, the venue has at least 1 wedding every weekend. They don’t have the time to devote to your wedding and your details like a professional planner does. Nor are they supposed to. The venue coordinator represents the venue. We represent you. If something goes wrong at the venue, we make sure they provide a fair resolution to the situation. 

what if the venue has a planner?

YES! We're based in Rochester, New York but we plan weddings wherever your love story takes us. Our network of  vendor relationships extends beyond Upstate New York to California and Europe. 

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