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Venue Spotlight: European Outdoor Weddings at M & D Farm

June 30, 2021

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If Anthropologie was a bride and needed a place to get married, M & D Farm is the wedding venue where she would have it. Ever since the first photo I saw of an outdoor wedding at the property, I knew it was special. I visited it recently and it far surpassed all my expectations. Think of it as an upscale cottage, perfect for your laid-back yet sophisticated garden wedding. 

When I start to plan a wedding, I always like to think of it as one giant (and elegant!) dinner party with about 100 extra guests. I love the idea of having it at a home because it feels relaxed and not overly stuffy but also luxurious at the same time. 

When many couples become engaged, they spend a lot of time hunting for the perfect property to host their outdoor wedding. They want to have their first dance under the stars. They love the idea of an outdoor garden ceremony surrounded by friends and family, dining al fresco in a tent or under strands of bistro lights, and dancing the night away. 

But where does this place exist? 

This is why I love my job as a wedding planner. I help you turn your vision into a reality.

European style New York wedding venue


CottageCore Wedding Inspiration

If you have been following the Cottagecore movement, you are going to absolutely love this English garden wedding venue. You can read more about the movement here if you are curious about what the Cottagecore movement is and how it came to be. As a wedding planner, I'm naturally inclined to want to know all of the things and stay current with any of the latest trends and styles my couples might want to incorporate into their wedding day (and I love showing them how to make it their own!). One of the things I loved about M & D Farm was how their English garden philosophy was just felt all across the property, without ever feeling forced. As you walk through the property, there is a feeling of romance and nostalgia and you truly feel like you are in a world of your own.


M & D Farm Wedding Venue

If all of that sounds too good to be true, look no further because in today’s blog post, I’m going to take you on a virtual tour of the lovely M & D Farm. Situated on a hillside in Westerlo, New York, this lovingly restored property is the home of Mario and Daniel. 

Prefer a video? Check out this fun Instagram reel I made during my venue tour!

If you’ve been looking for a European-inspired outdoor garden wedding venue in the Hudson Valley (or anywhere in Upstate NY), you’ve probably asked yourself some of these questions: 

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  • What are the most unique New York wedding venues?
  • Which outdoor wedding venues are available in the Capital region of New York – ideally near Albany?
  • Where can we have an outdoor European-feeling wedding in Upstate New York?

Luckily, I have the perfect property for you and it’s stunning!

Photography Courtesy of M & D Farm

How M & D Farm Came to Be

When co-owners Mario and Daniel purchased the property about 20 years ago, they lovingly infused the home and its surrounding gardens with an eclectic European feel based on their many travels and heritage.

Several years later, they were attending a wedding in Portugal. And, as is often the case in the Mediterranean, they were dining and celebrating outside under the stars when it occurred to them that they could re-create the experience for couples at their summer home in Hudson Valley. 

Thus, the wedding venue M & D Farm was born. 

M & D Farm Wedding Venue Garden

Photo from my venue tour at M & D Farm


Getting to M & D Farm in Westerlo, NY

Nestled in the Helderberg Mountains in Albany County, the Town of Westerlo is an easy 3-hour drive from New York City or a 35-minute drive south from Albany airport in Greene County.

And trust me, it's worth the very scenic drive! 

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Photography Courtesy of M & D Farm

Outdoor Wedding Venue in Hudson Valley

The land where M & D Farm sits was originally a sheep farm. According to their website, the property comprises grassy pastures, “gardens, woods and ponds reminiscent of the charming English countryside made familiar by the Austin novels. All meant to be explored and discovered by the discerning eye of [their] visitors and guests. [It’s the] perfect setup for an unforgettable outdoor backyard wedding, surrounded by romantic European-style gardens in the beautiful countryside of Upstate NY.”

When guests first arrive, they will be struck by the lush wall of peonies in the spring or the giant hydrangeas in the summer and fall. When I toured the venue as a wedding planner, I was awestruck! And I visit beautiful wedding venues all the time! 

Photography Courtesy of M & D Farm

Photography Courtesy of M & D Farm

Photography Courtesy of M & D Farm

Getting Ready at M & D Farm

Couples have the option to rent the property for the weekend or for a single day. If they choose to stay for the weekend (my recommended option in order to fully take advantage of the farmhouse and their amazing hospitality!), there are 3 bedrooms upstairs with 1 additional bedroom downstairs for a total of 4 that sleeps up to 8 guests. You also have full access to the modern kitchen and living room, library, and other living areas throughout the home.

If this is your choice, make sure you reach out early as they only take 8-10 weddings with a full rental of the property per year.

If you choose to rent it only for the wedding day, you will use the downstairs bedroom, which is adjacent to a scenic courtyard, perfect for brunch or lunch while the wedding party gets ready. 

Photography Courtesy of M & D Farm

Garden Wedding Ceremony

Depending on your style and tastes, you will find 2 equally scenic options for your outdoor wedding ceremony. Couples may choose to say ‘I do’ by a picturesque pond or go with the more popular route and wed in the English garden-inspired area in front of the barn, originally built in the 1940s. Behind you, the creeping wisteria makes a lovely backdrop as it climbs the barn. 

Photography Courtesy of M & D Farm

M & D Farm Wedding Ceremony

Photography Courtesy of M & D Farm

M & D Farm Wedding Ceremony Set up

Photography Courtesy of M & D Farm

Photography Credit: Nicole Nero

Garden Cocktail Hour at M & D Farm

Following your ceremony, guests will be able to stroll through several garden areas each bursting with a variety of blossoms. Small lounge vignettes punctuate the space and offer respite and shade while guests sip cocktails or sparkling lemonade. 

Photography Courtesy of M & D Farm

Photography Credit: Nicole Nero

Outdoor Tented Wedding Reception

My favorite aspect of the property, with the beautiful English gardens coming in second, is the 1940's barn and gravel courtyard behind it.

The perfect setting for an al fresco meal, the gravel courtyard can be hung with bistro lights and seats up to 140 guests for dinner. Should the weather threaten rain, the space accommodates a tent very easily. I always consider the backup location as a wedding planner! Dancing takes place inside the eclectically decorated barn and spills out into the gardens. It's truly the best of both worlds.

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Photography Courtesy of M & D Farm

Photography Courtesy of M & D Farm

Having Your Wedding at M & D Farm Wedding Venue

I think it’s safe to say that M & D Farm is truly a special venue for your outdoor garden wedding in the Hudson Valley of New York. From lush English gardens to unique event spaces, M & D Farm is well-suited for the modern couple who wants to plan a weekend wedding experience for their nearest and dearest.

Rentals of the property start at $12,500 for Friday or Sunday or $14,500 for Saturday only. 

Due to the logistically complicated nature of outdoor wedding venues, the owners highly recommend couples work with a wedding planner for at least wedding coordination. They understand that weddings are tightly choreographed productions that require a skilled professional to organize and execute in order for their couples to truly take in and enjoy the experience that they’ve planned for their guests. 

I would love to work with you to make your wedding weekend a relaxing and beautiful weekend experience for you and your guests. As an experienced wedding planner in Upstate New York, outdoor wedding venues are some of my favorite locations. Soak up the time with your loved ones with the knowledge that my team, Mario and Daniel, and the rest of the M & D Farm wedding venue team will see that your Upstate NY country garden wedding is everything you imagined. 

You can fill out my contact form HERE to inquire about the availability of your wedding date. I’m so excited to work with you and have champagne standing by!

Photography Credit: Nicole Nero

Photography Courtesy of M & D Farm


Photography Courtesy of M & D Farm

Fast Facts about the M & D Farm Wedding Venue, a top Upstate New York Wedding Venue

Event Space: Max seated capacity 140

Total guest rooms: 4 rooms that sleep up to 8; other lodging options are within 20-35 minutes away

Nearest Airports: Albany International (35 mins), La Guardia International Airport (2 hours, 39 mins), and JFK International Airport (3 hours)