"She read our minds and made our vision come to life!"

- mallory, Bride

We balance modern style with timeless hospitality, resulting in an heirloom experience for you and your guests that will be remembered for generations to come.

why we're different from other planners

why we're different

At Verve, our comprehensive approach ensures you feel comfortable making the right choices so you can enjoy the entire wedding planning process.

Your wedding symbolizes the hard work you and your family put in to commemorate this special milestone, not just when planning your wedding, but throughout your life.

Your wedding is a reflection of you and your family.

Our Clients believe

Your friends and family are the most special people in the world. Your wedding is your chance to show them how much you appreciate their love and support.

Weddings bring people together for inspiring and unique experiences. 

Our Clients believe

We strive to balance modern style with timeless hospitality, resulting in an heirloom experience for you and your guests that will be remembered for generations to come.

In being fully present with those around you.

Our Clients believe


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Verve was the only planner we interviewed. If you are considering them, just do it! Desirée and her team are true professionals. And, not only that, they become friends. We felt like she and her team cared about us and making our day incredible. Most importantly, we were able to be present and enjoy every single aspect of our wedding weekend without stressing about details. We knew Desirée and her team were there and would make sure everything was perfect.

"I have never been so relaxed than my wedding day."

Alexandra & Antonino
The Lake house on canandaigua

 Desirée was the only planner we met before hiring. Her ability to listen to us and create a design that matched us as a couple, and then execute it was amazing. During the planning, Desirée carried the worry for us so that we could enjoy the wedding planning process. Just hire her!

"It was honestly perfect. Truly the most beautiful wedding."

Emily & Tom, Inns of Aurora
photos by Mary Dougherty

We chose to work with Verve because of Desiree's attention to detail and her young and fresh but professional energy. She always gave her honest opinion versus telling me what she thought I wanted to hear. At the wedding, I had total trust everything would go smoothly! We heard, "This is literally the most beautiful wedding I've ever been to" countless times!

We chose to work with Verve because of Desiree's attention to detail and her professional and fresh energy. I love how she always gave her honest opinion versus telling me what I wanted to hear. At the wedding, I had total trust everything would go smoothly! We heard, "This is literally the most beautiful wedding I've ever been to" countless times!

"At the wedding, the details were beyond anything I could have dreamt up!"

"The wedding was far beyond anything I could have dreamt up!"

Meghan & kevin

Other than choosing my husband, choosing to work with Desiree was the best decision that we made for our wedding. She’s the most organized, knowledgeable person I’ve ever met! My mom said during the planning process "when I count my blessings, I count Desiree twice."  Thanks for making it the best day ever!

"She read our minds and made our vision come to life!"

Mallory & bill

We were driving to our minimoon and we said to ourselves ‘We didn't deserve that. It was so perfect. So flawless. It was surreal that it even happened to us and for us. Our friends said it was the most beautiful wedding they'd ever been to.

"Desirée brought so much joy to our lives."

Caleb & Eddie
The lake house on canandaigua

Desirée knows what she's talking about. She understood my vision and was extremely organized. During welcome drinks and on the wedding day, I got to fully relax and enjoy the moment with my family and friends while Desirée made sure everything was buttoned up, running smoothly and perfect.

"We loved her designs and attention to detail."

Ashley & Max
Inns of Aurora

She curated a beautiful vision for us that reflected who we are. She has amazing relationships with vendors and makes sure that they understand your vision. We had zero stress and full faith in Verve to pull together a beautiful day. They exceeded our expectations big time! We highly recommend working with Verve Event Co. and can't say enough great things about Desiree!

"We would have been lost without her."

Claire & alec
Oak Hill Country Club

It's hard to even know where to begin with thanking you!!! Your creativity, resilience, patience, and organization led us to one of the most epic weddings we've ever attended :) We're so appreciative of your creativity, calm, and genuine excitement. We have been fielding phone calls and emails and texts from friends and family who are expressing just how AWESOME it all was!"

"Desirée brought our dreams to life."

Holly & Dan
Standing Stone vineyards




The Reviews

The day's finally here. You’re giddy with excitement. While you sip champagne and immerse yourself in the day, our team executes all the beautiful details we’ve spent months planning. We usher you from one segment to the next. All you need to do is revel in the beauty and love and connect with everyone around you.



After we put together your vendor team, we create a bespoke wedding design that maps out the day from guest arrival until good night. You've been looking forward to this since we started and you can't contain your excitement.



Our comprehensive approach gives us a deep understanding of your vision. We create a heartfelt connection with you. Together we create an heirloom experience for you and your guests. 

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how we work







A comprehensive custom wedding design that helps you envision the day and ensures your vendors create the heirloom experience you want for your guests

Custom, Cohesive Design

A detailed, custom planning process that covers every decision so you know what to expect. You can focus on what matters to you while we manage the rest.

Meticulous Planning

Over 15 years of experience with planner that understands your needs and tailors your wedding to your priorities. 


Expert Guidance

Complete wedding weekend management, from load-in to execution to strike, so you can be present and never miss a moment

Seamless Execution


We'd love to hear from you! Pricing is custom to each wedding and its complexity.

Typical budgets of full-service weddings begin at $120K before wedding planning services. 

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Winter 2024 and 2025
Full-Service Weddings and Events

We would love to hear from you!

Click here to contact us or drop me a note at hello@verveeventco.com. We can't wait to chat with you!

I have more questions. How do I get in touch?

Payments are spread over multiple installments depending on the length of time we're working together.

What's the payment schedule?

YES! We would love that! Many couples Full Service planning even though they've booked "their main vendors." We work with them on budget creation and tracking, vendor management, event design, among many other things. We work with their vendors to ensure all their planning is in order, such as updating timelines, production schedules, and inventory lists, so that they can be fully present with their guests during the whole weekend.

I've booked many of the vendors already. Can we still work together?

I'm so glad you asked! Custom design is a key component throughout the planning process. We discuss in depth your tastes and style and we tailor the wedding design to you. It walks you through the day scene by scene. Imagery, color palettes, layouts, and fabric swatches are only the beginning. Click here to see an example.

Trying to pick colors and make everything look cohesive makes me anxious. Can you help?

One of the first things we do for our full-service clients is draft a realistic budget. It accounts for your priorities and your vision for the day. We present you with pricing options so you have control over your spending. This prevents anxiety about surprise costs and gives you more control of your budget.

A wedding planner is an investment in you and your wedding. A majority of vendors are with you on your day and your day only. We support you for the duration of the planning process AND at the wedding and often even after. You are paying for expertise to manage a complex team of vendors with intricate nuances. Our couples want their wedding to be a time of celebration for them and their guests. They want to experience the day calm and focused on their family, not distracted and tense. We help them achieve that.

You're over my budget but I still want to work with you. Help!

In reality, the venue has at least 1 wedding every weekend. They don’t have the time to devote to your wedding and your details like a professional planner does. Nor are they supposed to. The venue coordinator represents the venue. We represent you. If something goes wrong at the venue, we make sure they provide a fair resolution to the situation. 

What if the venue has a planner?

What others wonder before booking Verve. 

What others wonder before booking Verve.

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