Budgeting for That Wedding Day Glow: How Much Does It Cost?

February 19, 2024

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Today, we're moving onto the NEXT chapter in our wedding budget breakdown series, sharing about the glittering world of BEAUTY and ATTIRE. Yes, my friends, we're diving into what it REALLY costs to look “your best” on your wedding day and covering everything from the pre-wedding skincare rituals and facials to the day-of glamour for you and your wedding party. We're talking about attire, jewelry, the veil, undergarments, ring cleaning, and so much more. So, grab your serums and eye gels, draw a relaxing bath, and listen in as we share all of the things you might want to budget for when it comes to looking and feeling your best on your wedding day! Want that wedding day glow? We are going to share how to budget for it!









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To fast-forward to a specific part of the podcast episode, check out the timestamps below:


  • Breaking down the cost of skincare [4:40]
  • The cost of “sweating for the wedding” [7:07]
  • Day of wedding beauty budget (+ who pays for what) [7:55]
  • Budgeting for attire (for you and your wedding party) [10:00]
  • The cost of jewelry and getting your ring cleaned [12:38]
  • The cost of a custom suit or pantsuit [13:10]
  • Budgeting for the final touches [15:17]


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And if you prefer to read, here's the summary of the podcast episode!

Choosing your wedding look is no small feat— after all, you’re going to want to consider your own personal style while making sure you and your party all look stunning but also cohesive. We're not just talking about dresses and suits here. There are skincare and spa treatments leading up to the day, your day-of beauty like hair, makeup, manicures, the accessories, the jewels, the veil, even the undergarments—the list could go on and on. And let's not forget about keeping those rings sparkling clean for the big day. 

Today, we're breaking it all down. We'll explore how to allocate your budget wisely, where to splurge, and how to save without compromising on beauty. Because understanding these costs is key to avoiding surprises and ensuring you still look and feel like royalty! 


Skincare/Facials Leading Up to The Wedding Day

Let's kick things off with the foundation of all beauty routines—your skin. If you want that inner glow, you’ll likely want to invest in a solid skincare routine and maybe even facials, starting well before your wedding day. 

Please do NOT experiment with anything new the month before your wedding! You’re going to want to start your skincare routine early to tackle any issues and let your skin adjust and flourish. 

And hey, while we're on the topic of making sure your skin is as ready for the big day as you are, I've got a little insider secret for you. I've been documenting my year-long journey (now it’s been 18 months) with PROVEN skincare, and let’s just say, I’m never going back. I am hooked and will be a customer for life because once you hit 30, you realize your skin won’t be like it was in your 20s and it’s important to preserve and protect what you have.

But enough about me. On top of regular skincare, facials are your secret weapon, offering deep cleaning, hydration, and targeted care to not only improve your skin but also give you a peaceful break from wedding stress. While costs vary, smart planning and prioritizing treatments can make it manageable, with some at-home care to complement professional work. While it might seem over-the-top to include this type of thing in your wedding budget, it’s a common misconception that you just need one or two facials to look your best. Start early for best results, and budget ahead of time so you don’t have any stress.


Your Fitness Routine

While sweating for the wedding is definitely not required, we know that so many of you do consider adding more fitness to your pre-wedding schedule. Depending on what you choose, that might need to be budgeted for. While it can be as simple as going for walks around the neighborhood, if you want to join a gym, start paying for regular hot yoga classes, hire a personal trainer or bridal fitness coach Stephanie, you’re going to want to start early and invest in several sessions.


Day Of Beauty and Care for You and Your Wedding Party:

Alright, loverves, now let’s move on to the big day itself. This is where all the magic happens, not just for you but for your entire wedding party. We're talking hair, makeup, and those last-minute touch-ups that make everyone feel extra special. Yes, it's a significant part of your budget. But seeing your squad looking and feeling their best? Priceless.

But what exactly do YOU as the couple need to pay for? While technical etiquette says that your wedding party should pay for their own hair, makeup, and attire, if they are paying, it should be optional. In my experience as a wedding planner, having some people opt to do their own hair and makeup to save money can sometimes leave your wedding photos looking inconsistent. If budget allows, we like to recommend the couple consider paying for it as part of the wedding party gift. This way, your wedding party doesn’t have to stress.

The cost of these services can range from $85 per service for bridesmaids to $150 and up, depending on where you live and the type of professional you’re hiring, so make sure you do the math on this and figure out what you can afford.



Attire for You and Your Wedding Party:

Beyond hair and makeup, let’s talk about what everyone is going to wear. 

Picking out your attire is a whole vibe. It's about finding pieces that scream ‘you' while making memories with your favorite people. Sure, it can be a bit of a rollercoaster, with so many options and decisions, but it's all part of the fun. When you start to look for dresses, consider that the price of the dress – and a second reception dress if you plan on doing an outfit change – is not going to be the final total. There are always alterations, so be sure to set aside a SOLID chunk for those as well.

And let's not forget about your crew's outfits. While your wedding party will typically pay for their own outfits, it’s becoming more and more common to choose a style and a color so that they can find something they feel great in and that fits their budget. 

We had Katie from My Wedding Wardrobe on the show to talk about bridal and wedding party styling and several of my clients are working with her this year and we love it. My brides chose to work with her because they wanted to make sure the girls all loved what they wore, had a choice, but everyone also looked cohesive with the overall day. 

But going back to the wedding day look, don’t forget to consider jewelry and shoes! A lot of our couples opt to gift jewelry to their wedding party that they can then wear on the big day, earrings, bracelets, necklaces, cufflinks, tie bars, even custom neckties or bow ties that match the stationery, the list goes on. We love custom anything with our wedding couples and it’s a nice way to thank your wedding party and give them something special and unique to remember the day by. 


Jewelry + Ring Cleaning

Speaking of jewelry for your wedding party though, don’t forget to budget for your own. Whether you're donning heirloom jewelry for your heirloom occasion or are heading to the jewelry store to pick out your stunning wedding day pieces, these can add a significant chunk to your overall beauty budget. Plus, consider what needs to be professionally cleaned before your wedding day. You’ll want as much sparkle as you can get on your wedding day for all those photos.


Custom Suiting

Finally, let’s not forget about grooms or any of our brides who feel more comfortable wearing a suit or pantsuit. If you’re looking into getting a custom tux or suit, I highly recommend starting the process early. We had Peter Roberti from Adrian Jules on the podcast to talk all about custom suiting. Suits can cost from several hundred dollars for something off the rack and into the thousands for a custom suit, depending on the fabric and embellishments. I had one groom tell me he spent more on his custom tux than the bride spent on her dress. It all depends on priorities. 


Finally, let’s talk about Other Accessories (Veil, Undergarments, etc.):

Finally, don't overlook those final touches like veils, undergarments, and shoes—they're key to nailing your wedding look and all those beautiful detali shots photographers love to take. Whether it’s the drama of a long veil or the comfort of killer shoes, these pieces add a unique flair to your outfit, making it truly yours. And most of the time? They cost more than you think. Too often couples max out their dress budget on “just the dress” so our goal here is to just remind you that there are many, many things that need to fit in your wedding beauty budget!

Ultimately, these accessories let your personality shine, making your wedding attire uniquely you. A thoughtful choice in these details not only enhances your outfit but boosts your confidence, which is priceless on your wedding day.



There you have it, lovelies. With a bit of planning and prioritizing, you can navigate this part of your wedding budget like a pro.  That's it for today's episode of Ask the Planner Podcast. Thank you for listening to me share exactly what you need to consider when budgeting for your beauty routine and attire for your wedding! Make sure to tune in next week where we will break down even more of your wedding budget need-to-knows.



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