2023 Wedding Trends We Love (as Finger Lakes Wedding Planners!)

January 2, 2023

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While we never design our weddings to be trendy (and then ultimately end up looking dated), we do like to keep our finger on the pulse when it comes to 2023 wedding trends. In fact, this is one of our favorite blog posts every year (check out our 2022 wedding trends report to see if you feel like we were right about what was popular last year!). We like to think we were!

Okay enough about us (you can learn more about us here!), let's talk about 2023 wedding trends we are loving!






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EPISODE HIGHLIGHTS: 2023 Wedding Trends

To fast-forward to a specific part of the podcast episode, check out the timestamps below:

  • Purple Hues are Popular [05:32]
  • Bolder Wedding Color Palettes [06:42]
  • Brides are Leaning into Lace Dresses [07:47]
  • Outfit Changes for Both Members of the Wedding Couple [08:38]
  • No more super matching bridesmaids dresses [09:37]
  • Slits for both brides and bridesmaids [10:57]
  • Grooms are Getting Custom Suits and Tuxes [11:37]
  • Bachelor / Bachelorette Getaways Are Getting Themed [12:48]
  • Bouquets are getting smaller [13:28]
  • Sweeping arrangements are becoming a “must have” [14:00]
  • Non-traditional guest books [14:49]
  • Immersive Musical Experiences  [15:40]
  • Favors doing double-duty [16:46]
  • Elaborate Dessert Displays & Private Cake Cuttings [17:51]
  • A Reception Reveal with your planner and photographer [19:47]
  • And Finally, Trend #16 – A Private Last Dance [20:40]




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2023 Wedding Color Palettes

Purple Hues are Popular

Periwinkle was just the beginning! When it comes to wedding color palettes, couples are choosing one of their dominant colors to be within the purple family (whether that's a bold purple jewel tone or a soft lavender accent). We have even embraced the purple within our own business (check out our new podcast cover art here)! Pantone (the global authority on color trends) even announced Viva Magenta as their Color of the Year for 2023!

Photo Credit: Larkin and Trevor Photography

purple and yellow florals

Photo Credit: Moe B. Photography

dark purple wedding flowers

Photo Credit: Jenny Berliner Photography

Which brings us to our next 2023 wedding trends…

Couples are Going Bold with Their Wedding Color Palette

If you have followed me for a while, you know I'm thrilled to be getting rid of the stream of white, blush, and greenery color palettes we have seen dominating the wedding industry over the past few years. In 2023, we are going to see a shift towards bolder colors (like the Pantone Color above!), deeper greens, and bolder monochromatic color palettes.

darker moodier wedding colors on trend for 2023

Photo Credit: Coryn Kiefer

Overwhelmed by your messy Pinterest board? Organize your thoughts into a cohesive mood board with our Mood Board Template.

2023 Wedding Dresses & Attire Trends

Leaning into Lace

We are seeing couples embrace the romance of their wedding day again and with that, we are seeing lace make a resurgence in wedding gowns. That being said, these aren't the lace wedding dresses we saw everywhere in the boho bride wedding dress era. In 2023, brides are opting for wedding dresses that feature lace but also feel clean and modern. We are also seeing lots of fun accents – like bows on the shoulders!

romantic lace wedding dresses are on 2023 wedding trends

Photo Credit: Coryn Kiefer

lace wedding dress

Photo Credit: Michelle Scott Photography

Outfit Changes for Both Members of the Wedding Couple

We have seen brides opting for shorter/lighter wedding dress styles for the reception and now grooms are joining in and taking their attire more seriously! With that said, not everyone is opting for a completely different outfit entirely. Couples will be shopping intentionally in 2023, and that means we will see convertible dresses and overskirts rising in popularity over completely changing your dress (although that's always fun too!). For our grooms, we are seeing them lose their suit jackets and sometimes even changing into something more light and colorful!

ceremony and reception wedding dresses

Photo Credit: Laura Rose Photography

Gone are the days of matching bridesmaids dresses

We have seen the writing on the wall for this one for a while, but I am starting to wonder if we will ever see matching bridesmaid dresses again. In 2023, couples will be looking for bridesmaid dresses that coordinate but don't match (NOT EVEN THE COLORS!). We've seen a major evolution from bridesmaids rocking the same style, then it was “different dresses but the same color”, and honestly I hated both of them. In 2023, we are going to see bridesmaids rocking dresses within the same color family and even incorporating some prints in their attire.

Shall we pop champagne thinking about how we never have to see this again?

matching bridesmaid dresses

Photo Credit

Slits are welcome for both brides and bridesmaids

Lately, we have seen slits popping into fashion for both brides and bridesmaids! If you are looking to show a little skin and aren't into plunging necklines or lace bodices, a slit can be a great way to show off your playful side without avoiding your grandma all night! Plus, slits can make long dresses a lot easier to walk in. If you love the look of a slit but want to keep the coverage, you can always choose a wedding dress that shows lace underneath instead.

slit wedding dress trends for 2023

Photo Credit: Laura Rose Photography

Grooms are Going Custom

Grooms are tired of sitting on the sidelines when it comes to wedding attire! And who could blame them? We are seeing more grooms investing in custom suits and having fun with their accessories by choosing custom ties/bowties. Bonus: Grab your groomsmen a custom tie too and have it double as a groomsmen gift!

Wondering if a custom suit is right for you? Head here.

Photo Credit: NSP Studios

custom suit for groom

Photo Credit: Larkin and Trevor Photography


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Pre-wedding Events Are Getting Creative

Bachelor / Bachelorette Getaways Are Getting Themed

Everything needs a theme now. I even saw a Grandma-themed bachelorette party recently. It's not my personal cup of tea, but I do love something thematic for auxiliary events (I'm not suggesting you theme your wedding day). As the millennials used to say, YOLO (yes, I am dating myself on a list of 2023 wedding trends).

Photo Credit: Davista Photography

Wedding Floral Trends in 2023

Bouquets are getting smaller

We saw a surge of giant wedding bouquets over the last couple of years, but this year couples will choose something smaller and more delicate. I think this goes hand in hand with brides' choosing dainty, romantic wedding dresses. The looks are getting softer, yet equally stunning as they were in 2022.

bride holds small white wedding bouquet

Sweeping arrangements are becoming a “must have”

I will never say no to an abundance of florals and an overhead floral chandelier, but when I look at 2023 wedding trends, I am seeing more emphasis on sweeping floral arrangements than I am over-the-top displays. Sweeping greenery and floral arrangements are surrounding your sweetheart table, decorating the stairs at your wedding venue, and lining the ceremony aisle.

wedding reception table decor with flowers on the ground

Photo Credit: Alexandra Elise Photography

Wedding Reception Trends in 2023

Non-traditional guest books

Couples are asking guests to do a little more than sign on the dotted line and write “Congratulations!”. Couples are getting creative when it comes to their guest book. In fact, one of my favorite 2023 wedding trends is asking guests to “leave a voicemail”. Although – you might want to set some ground rules! I once heard a drunk guest leave a veryyyyy inappropriate message. You won't be able to play that one for your grandparents!


2023 wedding trends include a non-traditional guest book

Photo Credit

Immersive Experiences

Immersive experiences will become an even larger wedding reception priority. We have seen caricaturists and live painters in the past (which we love), we see 2023 wedding trends getting even more immersive with elements like strolling musicians at cocktail hour, a conga line or a marching band escorting guests from cocktail hour to dinner, or electric violinists.

In terms of catering, we have seen food stations rising in popularity for a while now but in 2023 we are seeing immersive experiences going beyond the “main meal”. Expect to see over-the-top bars and fun snack/dessert stations (we are a big fan of ice cream bars!)

wedding bar stations

Photo Credit: Larkin and Trevor Photography

Favors doing double-duty

You've heard wedding favors are going away, right? As a luxury wedding planner in the Finger Lakes, that's not entirely true! While some couples are choosing to skip favors altogether (or make a donation to a charity in lieu), more couples are choosing wedding favors that add to their guest's experience, without being excessive. Favors that double as escort cards seem to be fitting the bill of fun and functionality so I expect we will be seeing more of that this year!

wedding luggage tag favors

Photo Credit: Larkin and Trevor Photography


Wedding Cakes are Shifting to Elaborate Dessert Displays & Private Cake Cuttings

Beauty meets function, am I right? When it comes to dessert displays, there is less emphasis on large cakes to feed everyone. Even for couples who don't want to give up having a five-tier masterpiece, many are opting for a private cake cutting because they don't want to stop their wedding reception party to ask guests to gather around. They are keeping the cake tradition but making it fit within their wedding day vision. For couples who choose to forgo the wedding cake (or want something in addition), we are seeing creative and elaborate dessert displays that fit the design and aesthetic of their wedding. But most of all? couples want mini bites they (and their guests) can bring to the dance floor.

wedding dessert table

Photo Credit: Larkin and Trevor Photography

A Reception Reveal

Your wedding was an investment… don't you want to see how everything looks before guests start messing with their napkins? A reception reveal used to be something we would squeeze into the wedding timeline when it worked, but now it's become a must have! And honestly? It's one of my absolute favorite parts.

grooms walk into their wedding reception grooms hug wedding planner grooms cry seeing their wedding reception setup

A Private Last Dance

At the end of the night, couples are taking just one more dance between the two of them, either by themselves or with the remaining guests standing around them. Personally, I can't think of a better moment to end your wedding day so I hope this trend sticks around!

bride and groom last dance of the night

Photo Credit: Laura Rose Weddings

Are you recently engaged and loving these 2023 wedding trends?

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