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“No one can whistle a symphony. It takes a whole orchestra to play it.”
– Halford E. Luccock


take my money

Type 2 Wing 3

Enneagram Type

On the beach

Guilty pleasure

Taylor Swift

i'd rather be

Wrinkled linens and crooked placesettings virtually disappear under Emma’s trained eyes. A talented violinist who enjoys time with her family and friends, Emma is also  a teacher.

on-site coordinator


YouTube videos in the background

Listening to

Watching the same five TV shows 

Traveling the country with my husband

I'd Rather Be

Guilty pleasure

Type 2 Wing 1

Enneagram Type

events & marketing associate

With a decade of experience in the industry, some might say Lauren's obsessed with weddings and events. When she’s not on-site, she's preserving flowers in resin (…or, more likely, she has a cat in her lap while watching comedies with her husband).


Thomas Rhett

listening to

Watching a sunset


Overpriced ice coffees

Guilty pleasure

Type 3 Wing 2

Enneagram Type

When she’s not behind the scenes managing vendors and clients, Ali is our day-of content queeeeen! This Gen-Z keeps us young with her trendy media insights and passion for all things aesthetics.

events & marketing associate


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