Holiday Gift Guide 2021 from Verve Event Co.

November 17, 2021

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It's the most wonderful time of the year….. Verve Event Co's annual holiday gift guide is here! (By the way – many items on last years Schitt's Creek themed gift guide are still appreciated this year!). This year, I decided to do something a little different, and instead of create my holiday gift guide around a theme, I've chosen 2-3 of my favorite things for everyone on your list! From the one who loves to support local to the hostess with the most-est. I hope you love these finds as much as I do (I've added what I don't already have to my own Christmas list!).


holiday gift guide 2021

Some of the links are affiliate links, but you guys know I only mention products I love (and each one here made this list for a reason!).

Support Local Small Businesses in New York

Have someone from New York on your list? Why not make an effort to shop small and shop local! I thought I would kick off this gift guide with three of my favorite small businesses that I think will hit a variety of people on your holiday gift list!

  1. Local Roots Subscription: For my NYC friends, you can order seasonal food subscriptions from Local Roots for sustainable, flavorful ingredients using their subscription bundles Check out their super popular Veggies Bundle so you can spend the new year hitting your health goals in a more exciting way! Who doesn't want to get excited about veggies again, am I right? And if the person on your list is more of a meat and potato guy, don't worry – there are meat subscriptions too!

2. Air Plant Gift Box: I’m a budding plant mom and want to re-do my decor in the house and put plants everywhere. Seriously. Who hasn't become a better plant mom after 2020? I’m obsessed with all the plants and planters at Stacy K. I have her little air plants by my desk and they just make me so happy. Plus, they are SUPER easy to care for!

3. Light Within Candle from Co. Candles: As we all learned from IG Reels this year, one can never have too many candles. I worked with Elise to make custom candles for Holly and Dan’s wedding and they smelled AMAZING! If you want to support a small local business, she’s based right here in Rochester! Shop the collection here

For the organizer/planner

This one had to come next because honestly – the organizer/planner in your life will appreciate a great gift (after all, they do so much to make your life easier, don't they?). I've searched far and wide for a wall calendar that wouldn't look bulky or ruin my home decor and I've FINALLY found one I can happily recommend.

4. Acrylic Dry Erase Calendar: Seriously, as soon as I found this gorgeous design I started measuring which size to get as a treat for myself this year. You can shop the one above here.

5. Dry erase markers: Trust me, they are going to want to use their dry erase calendar right away and won't want to face the crowds on boxing day! This color-coded set will suit the planner/organizer in your life perfectly! Shop here.


For the fitness buff

We all have at least one of these in our life, right? Below are just a few things I think every fitness buff should have on their list!

6. Inov8 Cross Training Shoes: You all know I love me some Body Pump and Body Combat. I went to MedVed Run and was fitted for shoes and learned my beloved Brooks were definitely the WRONG shoes to wear for my workouts! I tried these on and they felt AMAZING and really let you get down low for those lunges. Trust me, the fitness buff in your life will LOVE these.


7. Athleta Pants: The above two styles are my personal favorites (because honestly, I have enough black leggings to last me a lifetime). You can shop these here or here and just enjoy getting the comfortable pants she might not buy for herself!

For the budding podcaster

(or pretty much any entrepreneur you know). Seriously, I bet you they have considered starting a podcast. Personally, I love hosting “Ask the Planner” as such a fun way to connect with people (both brides and vendors). It's been a great way to grow as a business. In the past few years, I've learned a little bit about equipment though and here are a couple of my top recommendations if you know someone who is getting started!

8. OneOdio Over Earphones: These are the ones I use! They are GREAT for canceling out the sound (so I can tell what the mic is picking up) and not crazy expensive. Perfect for the budding podcaster! You can shop these here

9. Yeti Blue Mic: I have this one in white and in fact, you’ve probably seen it some of my headshots. Listen, it's not the cheapest one out there but personally, I chose a less expensive one when I first started and it crapped out literally after 9 months. This one is just lovely and doesn’t break the bank, too! You can shop this mic here


For the hostess

No matter how much you appreciate the hostess in your life, I can almost guarantee it's not enough. Hostesses work overtime to make sure that everyone is having a good time, and here are just a few things I think they will love!


10. Rowenta Steam iron: This steam iron is INCREDIBLE and gets the wrinkles out of linens SUPER FAST. It’s a must for my event days! If the hostess in your life is always busting out the fresh linens, this is a game-changer. Shop here.  

11. Skeem Candle: Smells are one of my love languages. Honestly, I’m obsessed with white tea and thyme candles. They’re absolute heaven. If you’re local, you can grab one at Stacy K. Floral where I first discovered them!

12. Drinkworks Home Bar Instant Cocktail Maker by Keurig: I have to be honest – I haven’t tried this one out yet but I’m a little bit obsessed with the idea. Our home bar is always stocked and we can’t add any more bottles because we’ve run out of space but this would totally solve that problem in the future because everyone could get what they want and we wouldn’t have to keep all the different liquors in stock! BRILLIANT. Shop my new favorite invention here



13. Fresh holiday wreath: If you’ve been around here for a while, you know I LOVE Flowerwell’s work and her holiday wreaths are next level! Don't wait until Christmas to scoop one of these up for your favorite hostess. Shop here

For the Fashionista

Sometimes we want things we just don't get for ourselves, right? And those make the best presents! Keep reading for a few of my favorite things for the fashionista in your life.

14. Reiss Dress: This dress is my secret weapon on wedding days. Super comfortable and versatile, and YES – it has pockets! You can shop her new favorite dress here.

15. The Jersey Dress: Isn’t this adorable? They have a matching one for little girls that I definitely want for my daughter. Keep reading to check out the kids gift ideas below but in the meantime, add this one to your cart. 

16. Teal Jump Suit: This jumpsuit might have been what started the holiday guide this year to be honest. I think this would be perfect for my husband’s office holiday party and I needed an excuse to purchase. Teal is always such a flattering color. Shop here

17. New Jeans: Yup, I'm jumping on the trend and replacing my skinny jeans with a more updated cut. Honestly, I can't wait. I promise to keep parting my hair on the side though 😉 Shop these cute jeans here.

For the Bride-to-be

18. This dress: There are a million and one gift ideas for a bride that she will literally never use or wear again (even if she bought them). If you are looking for something special, why not this dress for her rehearsal dinner or shower? 

For the kids

It wouldn't be a holiday gift guide without something for the interns in your life, would it? Here are just two of the things I'm obsessed with this year.

19. The Girls Jersey Dress: Recognize this from above? I honestly think it's the cutest thing EVER and I will definitely be swiping one of each for me and my daughter. Shop the look here.

20. A Giant Chess / Checkers Set: Can I be sentimental for a second? I'm a big sucker for some quality family time. Whenever I try to find gifts for my kids, I try to imagine what we will have fun doing together. I'm looking forward to making many memories with something fun like this giant chessb board.

That wraps up my Verve Event Co 2021 Holiday Gift Guide!

Christmas is honestly one of my favorite times of year. I always find it so much fun coming up with the perfect gift ideas for my family and friends! Gift giving can be such an art but so rewarding when you find something just right. I hope that this holiday gift guide has helped you cross at least a few friends and family off of your list! If you found something you love, make sure to DM me on Instagram and let me know! I always love hearing what people found and gifted (whether it made this years list or not!). Happy Holidays!!