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5 Fall Wedding Colors to Use in 2022 & 2023

May 25, 2022

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In today’s blog post, I’m discussing some of my favorite fall wedding colors that you can incorporate into your fall wedding design. If you have followed me for a while, you know that creating a cohesive color palette is crucial for the design of your big day. At least, in my humble opinion as a luxury wedding planner in Upstate New York. From the linens to the flowers, to the dresses, to the flatware, when I'm designing a fall wedding, I love making sure all of it comes together tastefully and reflects the natural beauty that surrounds us. I don't like to create “standard” color palettes, partly because I love to bring in colors that come from my couple's personalities and create something unique for each one of them. 

But, since I may not know you personally (at least yet!) I’m going to highlight some of my absolute favorite fall wedding colors that you might just see in some of my upcoming future fall weddings. I’m already obsessed!! If you are looking for a New York wedding planner to help bring your vision to life, you can learn more about working together here. Or, for my DIY-ers, make sure to check out my shop for all of your wedding planning checklists and templates! I even have a mood board to help you bring your fall wedding colors to life!

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5 fall wedding colors ft. blush and burgundy

Listen, fall is an incredibly popular time to get married Upstate, partly due to the gorgeous fall foliage. Suppose you are looking for a city escape (and an incredible destination wedding weekend). In that case, you can find many wedding venues up here that absolutely surround you with gorgeous fall colors (click here for just a few of my favorites!). When considering your fall wedding colors, know that using a mix of colors and combinations can make for a visual statement that will carry a mood throughout your day.

Want more advice on choosing the perfect color palette? Listen to last week's episode on our Ask the Planner podcast!

1) Teal

I know you didn't click this blog to see a list of overused fall wedding colors, so I want to start with a unique one out of the gate! Although the blue color family may not traditionally be what you think of when you think of a fall wedding, but stay with me. Teal is a deep, rich color that can pair really well with fall tones but also pair beautifully with neutrals. It adds another dimension to a design that many would not expect. Teal can become a statement color or a bold accent that peaks through in little details throughout the day. 

teal and gold wedding cutlery, teal and gold wedding cake

Photo Credit: Petunia Rose, Musely

Overwhelmed by your messy Pinterest board? Organize your thoughts into a cohesive mood board with our Mood Board Template.

2) Blush

Oh, how I adore this color. Blush is a more popular wedding color for sure (and it can really pop in for any season!) but let me just say, it is beautiful for fall. The muted tones make for a perfect accent color in almost any wedding day element. It’s not too feminine of a color (thanks to its brown undertones!) but still adds that pop for a soft feminine touch. If you want an earthy feel (that is not quite as feminine), you may opt for a dusty rose or mauve, but I just love how well blush pairs with everything.

blush wedding decor in fall

Photo Credit: Heather Payne Photography

blush and burgundy wedding decor

Photo Credit: Jenny Berliner Photography

Another thing to consider? The wide variety of rentals and florals available in the hue! I love when couples choose unique wedding colors – I really do – but sometimes it's nice to complement wedding designs with accent colors that are easily available in linens, florals, and everything else you'll need to create your wedding day.

blush wedding rentals

Photo Credit: Amazon, Magnolia Rouge

Want to see a “traditional” color palette of blush and burgundy fall wedding colors done in a unique way? Click here.


3) Gold

Even though I love playing with color (white and greenery weddings are not my thing!), I usually love to add some sort of classic touch when in the design process with my couples. To be honest? Gold always seems to be the direction I lean in. Gold accents add formality without feeling cold. If done right, this color can display elegance and beauty while adding warmth to a soft color palette.

gold wedding color palette

Photo Credit: Alicia Rinka

4) Maroon

Maroon is a stunning addition to any fall wedding design. It fits the season so well and provides such a rich tone and a sense of dimension to any color story. Maroon makes for a cozy yet romantic feel. On top of that, this color is actually quite simple to incorporate into your design, whether you want to go bold, moody, or if you prefer a more classic feel. From bridesmaid dresses to flowers, to elegant lounge pieces, this will have your guests feeling nothing but love.


maroon wedding fall colors

Photo Credit: WeddingChicks, BHLDN, & La Tavola

Want to see a moody wedding color palette come to life? Check out the unique inspiration for this fall wedding.

5) English Ivy

Last but not least, if you’re opting for more earthy tones in your wedding design, english ivy is a must! This color is a deep muted green with teal undertones that really lends itself to an elevated vibe. If your wedding is taking place indoors, using English Ivy is the perfect way to bring a sense of nature inside while not relying on “classic greenery” or sticking with the typical outdoor fall colors. 

sage green english ivy wedding colors

Photo Credit: Etsy, BHLDN, Etsy

Choosing your Fall Wedding Colors

Feeling inspired and ready to start designing your own fall wedding? I hope you have loved some of the ideas here, but now you have two options:

  1. Hire a wedding planner and designer to help bring your wedding vision to life (if you are in Upstate New York – reach out here!)
  2. Head over to my shop and grab my wedding mood board template so you can create a fall wedding color palette that is both stunning and has dimension. Gone are the days when you can pick 1-2 colors and stick to them!

For more wedding inspiration on the regular, make sure to hang out with me over on Instagram (and say hi!). I would love to hear from you and find out which fall wedding colors you are including in your 2022 or 2023 wedding day!

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