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The holidays are almost here! And that means trying to think of things you “need” so other people can get it for you or your kids or your spouse. Wait, no, that’s not you? Oh. Well keep reading anyway. While I love shopping, I’m also in charge of organizing all the gift purchasing for both […]

Bébé It’s Cold Outside: My 2020 Gift Guide (AKA the Millenial Schitt’s Creek Wish List)


Reading time: 2 minutes According to Brides, 25% of all weddings are destination weddings. Because of the pandemic, I’m seeing a lot more couples scale back the size of their wedding and considering having destination weddings with just their closest friends and family. But where do you even begin? In today’s episode, we talk about […]

5 Steps to Planning a Destination Wedding with Kara Brodhecker


Reading time: 1 minute Are you wondering whether it’s okay to get married in 2021 or if you should wait and plan a wedding for 2022? Whether you’ve re-scheduled your wedding 3x or you’re newly engaged and unsure about when you should have your wedding, this episode is for you. We talk about whether planning […]

Should I Wait to Plan My Wedding for 2022?


Reading time: 2 minutes Featured on: Every Day I’m Bustlin’ Podcast Hi friends! Do you ever feel like you’re drowning in too many tasks? Does it seem like your to-do list is ever-growing and you never make a dent? Then you’re going to love this interview I had on one of my favorite topics: creating […]

Creating and Managing a To-Do List on the Every Day I’m Bustlin’ Podcast