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Whether you’re planning your own wedding or dreaming of starting a career in wedding planning, I’m sharing ALL of my favorite money and time-saving tools for your wedding or wedding business on the podcast today!  NOT READY TO START PLANNING? SAVE THIS POST SO YOU CAN COME BACK TO IT LATER!   LISTEN & SUBSCRIBE […]

Top Money and Time-Saving Tools for Your Wedding or Wedding Business

Wedding Planning

Welcome back, loverves! Today we are diving into wedding planning tips for mature, second weddings, delayed weddings, postponed weddings, all of the things. Whether you are planning a second trip down the aisle, celebrating your love later in life, or finally having the wedding you postponed. This episode is for you. We are recording it […]

Nontraditional Weddings: How to Plan Second Weddings, Delayed Weddings, and Weddings for Mature Couples

after party for labor day weekend wedding at The Lake House on Canandaigua

Wedding Planning

Welcome back loverves! Today, we are featuring YOU, our loverves, and answering all of the wedding planning questions you’ve been writing in. This is kind of a unique episode because it doesn’t happen all of the time, but I am so excited to answer all of your questions. We talk about everything from logistics of […]

Dear Desiree: Answering Your Most Pressing (and Shocking!) Wedding Planning Questions

Wedding Planning

On today’s episode, we’re breaking down everything you need to design a functional and beautiful space. This episode is for my couples, planners and venue owners that are listening because we go deep on the floorplan creation process. Before you skip this episode because you think you know everything about making a floorplan or you […]

How to Design a Space: Wedding Floorplans Best Practices

Wedding Planning