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In today’s blog post, we’re talking flower preservation! You always hear about what to do to prepare for a wedding and all the beautiful details that go into it, but what about after the wedding? How can you preserve at least one detail that you spent months picking out? Today on the blog, we are […]

Preserving Your Wedding Bouquet (& Other Florals)

preserving your wedding bouquet


Elopements, Courthouse ceremonies, or intimate weddings. While they may not be the most traditional route, they can be a GREAT option for those who want to keep their celebration small.  Plus,  let’s face it, big wedding celebrations are simply not for everyone.  Smaller weddings can have a ton of perks that can make your ceremony […]

Intimate Weddings: Deciding if They’re Right For You


Ever wonder what exactly a wedding planner does? If you are on the fence on deciding whether or not a planner would be helpful in planning your wedding, I am attaching a minute by minute play by play of exactly what a day in the life of a wedding planner looks like, so you know […]

Day in the Life of a Wedding Planner


It is not easy trying to put emotions into writing, ESPECIALLY when you know that writing will be spoken in front of a crowd of people.  Wedding vows and speeches are daunting for anyone, but they do not have to be! If you are engaged, and nervous about writing your vows, OR you are a […]

Wedding Speeches, Vows, and Toasts: A How-To Guide