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Common Wedding Planning Questions

January 24, 2022

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Today, I'm changing it up and launching a new series called Asked and Answered where I share and answer common wedding planning questions from you all – my podcast listeners, blog readers, and followers on Instagram – as well announcing something really fun for all my aspiring wedding planners out there!  

After reading through my DM's, these are the four most common wedding planning questions from you all. The wedding planning process can be a lot to unpack, but learning from others' questions and experiences can be super helpful. In today's blog, you asked, and the planner answered. Yay! 




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EPISODE 50 HIGHLIGHTS: Common Wedding Planning Questions 

To fast-forward to a specific part of the podcast episode, check out the timestamps below:

  • Big Announcement! [05:29]
  •  Ceremony seating? [09:20]
  •  Cutting your guest list [13:00]
  • Should we hire a planner if we are on a budget? [18:15]
  • Seating arrangements [23:30]
  • Addressing negative feedback [27:50]
  • Review of the day [34:38]
  • Final notes [36:51]

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And if you prefer to read, here's the summary of the podcast episode!

Common Wedding Planning Question 1: Ceremony Seating

1): “Hi! I've been binging your podcast the last 2 days – love it! So many good tips. I have a question about ceremony seating. Our venue has the option to do a “partial flip” where guests are seated at their reception tables during the ceremony. Do you have any thoughts on this? Does it look weird? I see the benefit that you remove the hectic cocktail hour flip, but it seems super casual. Thanks! – Andi S.

Right off the bat, honestly, I don't love it because you won't have an aisle.  Inevitably some guests will have their back turned or at an awkward angle during the ceremony with vows etc, which is never fun.  Furthermore, with no aisle, there won't be that initial moment where you step out, and have that first moment looking at your spouse.  But it's up to you if that's a priority. Also, this setup feels a little more casual to me, which may not matter depending on the type of wedding you are having. Ultimately, this is up to you and how you want the vibe of your wedding to go.  However personally, I am not a huge fan. 

Common Wedding Planning Question 2: Cutting the Guest List

We need to cut down our guest list by 25-30 guests. It's our dream wedding venue but we don't think we can fit everyone on our list with the budget that we have. What should we do?” – Sarah T.

This is a great question because the guest list is always a big source of stress for many couples. My first tip would be to think critically about your list. I find that many couples invite one person or group because they're linked to someone that's already invited, and so on. This results in having to invite more than you would like in order to keep the peace. Instead, start backwards and think about the smallest group of people that you need to invite. Who are your must-haves? Family? Best friends? College roommates? After doing this, what's the next tier made up of? First coursins? Aunts and Uncles and Godparents?

I suggest you create a consistent rule so that you know where people fall.  Perhaps kids are encouraged to stay home.  One that works especially well with COVID era, is only inviting the people you've seen in the last 2-3 years.

There may be a need for obligatory invites. I find this is relevant if there is a distant/mutual friend or coworker that you see often that knows you're getting married, and to avoid awkwardness between you, you extend the invitation.  However, try to be clear with setting a rule of these are the only people we can invite, and if we have more people and the space, we can always expand further. 

In conclusion, my hope is that people that you aren't able to invite will understand that you can't invite everyone and will be happy for you anyway.


Common Wedding Planning Question 3: Should We Hire a Wedding Planner If We're on a Budget? 

Hello! I just discovered your podcast. My daughter is a soon-to-be-engaged bride. I listen to several of your podcasts including the one about hiring a planner. Could you speak to those of us with a more limited budget and how to decide if spending that money on a planner is worth it. I'm an excellent researcher and just had a son get married last year so I'm very familiar with the local area and venues. Of course, I'm not a wedding planner, but I am a detail-oriented planning personality type. – Kerry A.

Like with so many issues in wedding planning, this also comes down to your priorities. How do you want to spend your time and money leading up to the wedding? Will your daughter want a lot of the control, or is your relationship the type where planning could be a source of tension? Having an unbiased third party like a planner helps many people in situations like this.  Furthermore, there are planners that work with different budgets.  For example, there are higher-end planners that will arrange everything or ‘Month-of ‘ planners that focus on tying up loose ends as you get closer to the day and will execute your plans.

That being said, there are plenty of people who decide a planner is not in the budget. To that, I recommend having a very organized and thorough wedding planning checklist to keep you on track the way a professional planner would. 

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Common Wedding Planning Question 4: Who Should Sit Next to Whom?

Hi Desiree! We're about to start working on our table assignments and I wanted to see if you have any suggestions. Do you use paper and pencil or is there a template or app you recommend? Also, any advice on mixing family members and how/who to seat people with?

Table assignments are tricky.  Not everyone is going to know each other at your wedding. Also, not everyone you invite is inherently bubbly or easygoing.  My favorite tool to organize your table seating is using the desktop website Social Tables. The platform is free to use if you only have one event to plan. In this platsofrm, you create your floor plan, upload your guest list, and literally drag and drop each person at their table. It makes it so easy!

In terms of who to sit with whom, depending on how big your reception is, sometimes couples give their parents their own table or they sit with their parents and siblings. Then they'll seat their wedding party at their own tables based on friend groups. It all depends on how many are in a group.

In terms of pairing people up, I personally think it's nice to put people together with like interests or someone that's more outgoing next to someone that's quieter to help ensure they'll have a good time.

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Conclusion: Asked and Answered

I really hope you enjoyed this blog post on my new series Asked and Answered. If you have any confusion on what I talked about, just let me know! 

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