The Best Wedding Planning Podcasts Right Now (and Which Ones to Avoid)

June 19, 2020

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Looking for the best wedding planning podcasts? Personally, I listen to a lot of podcasts. Some are business-related, some are wedding-related, and many are wedding business-related. 

Whether you’re in the wedding industry or you’re planning a wedding, there’s a lot to juggle. You have your career and social commitments, and opinions. Lots and lots of opinions from so many people – coworkers, parents, friends who’ve already gotten married, and strangers in Facebook groups.

However, with so little time these days, many of us (both vendors and couples) are turning to wedding planning podcasts to save time while still getting new information. But there are so many podcasts out there, it can be hard to know which one is right for you. 

This was originally published in November 2020, and was updated on June 19, 2024.


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Looking for wedding planning podcasts? Here are my reviews


According to this article, there are over 1.5 million podcasts out there and the number is growing. When I last checked Apple Podcasts, there were over 25 podcasts that came up when I searched for “wedding planning podcast.” While that’s a relatively small number compared to the total number of podcasts that exist, it’s still a lot to sift through when you just want information. 


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Right now, you might be asking:

  • What wedding planning podcasts do you listen to, Desiree?
  • What are the best wedding planning podcasts?    
  • Which wedding planning podcast should I listen to first?

Don't worry, I’m reviewing the best wedding podcasts and letting you know which ones are really worth listening to! I’ve put in a lot of listening time and am telling you which ones are the best, and which ones I can’t stand. (Yup, I go there, too.). Whether you are an engaged couple or fellow wedding vendor, here are my reviews!


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For Engaged Couples

Ask the Planner with Desiree Adams – Of course, I can’t do a podcast round-up without putting in a shameless plug for my own! This wedding podcast originally started as an Alexa Flash Briefing. The Ask the Planner Podcast focuses on providing expert wedding planning tips from wedding industry professionals to discerning couples LIKE YOU – focusing on the often overlooked details that are necessary to consider when planning a high-end wedding.

From wedding design trends to destination weddings, this podcast will give you real advice to thoughtfully put together a beautiful wedding day that will serve as part of the legacy you leave to your friends and family. 


cocktail hour for labor day weekend wedding at The Lake House on Canandaigua - best wedding planning podcasts


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The Big Wedding Planning Podcast – I love Michelle Martinez and Christy Matthews. They’re hilarious, personable, AND wedding planners so they know their stuff! They’re walking through the wedding planning process alongside real couples and their advice is spot-on. They really love their listeners and ask thoughtful, poignant questions of their guest experts. On top of that, they even have regular YAWA (You Ask, We Answer) episodes where they answer questions real listeners send them. They tackle all issues, including challenging ones we wedding pros face when it comes to equality and transparency. Plus they’re just so fun and funny. I was interviewed on their show a few years ago. You can listen to my interview on Wedding Festivals & Food Truck Weddings here! I highly recommend this one.


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Wedding Planning PodcastKara Lamerato writes that every couple should have “expert wedding advice from a professional wedding planner.” (I agree!) However, her website doesn’t confirm that she’s a professional wedding planner or had experience planning weddings or events, only that she’s been in the industry since 2011. She owned an Etsy shop that sold wedding decor, so I think it’s a little misleading.

Her advice is overall good, but (and this is just my opinion, so you can take it or leave it), her tone needs more energy and personality. I stop listening to an episode because I get bored. Maybe you won’t, so give it a try knowing the caveats I’ve listed above. I also got the impression, at least when I was listening early on, she was always trying to sell me something. Props to her for the hustle, but I wanted a chance to trust her more before I was sold to. Final verdict: I'll let you decide.


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For Wedding Pros

The Wedpreneur Podcast – I absolutely love Mary Swaffield. She’s a very successful and accomplished wedding planner based in Calgary, Alberta, Canada. And this lady KNOWS. HER. STUFF. I took her Wedding Planner Intensive Course and was blown away by all her knowledge of the systems and processes we wedding professionals need to run a successful wedding planning business. She interviews industry experts and provides great value and actionable advice. She interviewed me for her podcast on how systems and processes transformed my business because I was truly a changed business owner after her course. I cannot recommend this podcast enough!


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The Power in Purpose Podcast – I love Candice Coppola! She’s the former CEO of a very successful wedding planning company, a twice-published author, and now she coaches and mentors members of the wedding industry (including me – ha ha). Not all her episodes are wedding-focused but that’s a good thing! I’ve been able to glean so much knowledge from each episode and I look forward to each episode every week. Definitely recommend!

Breakthrough Brands Podcast – Elizabeth McCravy is a doll! She’s a Showit website designer and I love every episode! She has a beautiful personality and gives concrete, actionable advice, from how to write your website copy to what should be included on your website, to how to get more done in your business. I just binged a ton of episodes this weekend while on a long drive and I can’t wait for more! I highly recommend it!

The Evolve Your Wedding Business Podcast – A good podcast focused more on marketing as that’s the host, Heidi Thompson’s background. She provides specific steps to follow in each episode, but her pace and cadence is just a little slow for me, so I get impatient and either listen to the episode on 2x speed or skip it. It also seems repetitive and not novel compared to what I hear on other podcasts. Give it a listen as you might learn something, but you’ll have to be okay with the pacing, which didn’t work for me.  Final verdict: jury's still out.


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Conclusion (and in case you scrolled to the bottom…)

With so many podcasts out there, and new ones being added every week, it can be hard to decide which ones to listen to first. Luckily, these are my favorites that I think you should subscribe to right now:


For couples:



For wedding business professionals:


There are also others that I don’t love, and I give you my honest opinion about all of them above. Feel free to check them out if none of these are giving you what you’re looking for!


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Top wedding podcasts for engaged couples planning their wedding


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