How To Choose a Wedding Planner in 4 Simple Steps

You cried and screamed “Yes!” Now the fun really begins, but first you need to choose a wedding planner. You want to find the one that’s a good fit for you. But how do you do know if they’re a good fit? Where do you even start? Below I cover 4 simple steps to help you choose a wedding planner that will become like a bestie to you and help you navigate the wedding planning world, one decision at a time.

How to Choose a Wedding Planner | #upstatenywedding #nyweddingplanners
Before reaching out to potential planners (and ANY vendors), make sure you decide some key points about your wedding:

  1. BUDGET RANGE – Like I mention in this post, have a range for your wedding budget. Do not book any vendors until talking with a wedding planner first. Wedding planners can often help with preferred vendor discounts, save you from making costly mistakes, and, not to mention, loads of unnecessary stress.

Now that you have these down, how do you find your wedding planner?

1) Find Them

The planner for you will probably be on a preferred platform for communication.

  • Social Media Sites: Instagram, Pinterest, or Facebook
    • Note: Pinterest isn’t actually social media, but while you’re looking up inspiration for your wedding gown, definitely look up wedding planners in your area. Use hashtags in your geographic area (or where you want to get married) to find wedding planners, such as #rochesterweddingplanner #upstatenyweddingplanner #fingerlakesweddingplanner or #rochesterwedding
  • Directories: The Knot, Wedding Wire, Local Directories like Rochester Indie Weddings
  • TRUSTED Friends and Family – Make sure you have the same values, style, or aesthetic as they do. Choosing a planner that also has similar values and taste is important.

2) Stalk Them

Get to know potential candidates so you know you’re making the right choice when you choose a wedding planner.

  • Check Out Their Social Media Profiles. Read what they’re posting. Your perfect planner will post content that resonates with you. Do you like their personality? Do you like their sense of humor? You’re going to be working with them a lot, so you better like them and trust them!
  • Visit Their Website. Read their “About” page and check out their portfolio. Do you like the other weddings or events they’ve planned? Does their website make you excited?
  • Read Their Reviews. The most common places to find them are under Google Reviews, The Knot, and Wedding Wire. What are people saying about them? Is what they’re known for important to you?

3) Talk to Them

Once you’ve narrowed down the field choose about 3 wedding planners, send them an email or schedule a call to get to know them and talk to them. (Hint, hint: I make it super easy for couples to set up time to chat with me!) How long did it take to hear back from them? While on the call, did you feel like they listened to you when you spoke? Do they value what you value? Also, please don’t email someone unless you’re actually interested. Planners (and many other vendors) spend a lot of time putting together proposals and pricing for you. If you email them and change your mind, just let them know. We get it! We’re not going to hate you.

4) Compare Them & Choose the One That Feels Right

It’s okay to talk to more than one planner. I prefer my couples talk to at least more than one so they can feel good about their decision when they choose to work with me. At the same time, don’t talk to more than five planners (I think three is a safe number.) You will start to confuse them and, really, you don’t need to talk to that many. You will get a good sense from their social media presence and website if you’re going to like working with them.

Be careful when comparing planners and their pricing. Not all planners offer the same services. Some are less involved with you and are, therefore, less expensive. But some offer more value, resulting in a higher fee. You might even love only one planner but can’t decide which package to choose. Go with what feels right. If there are red flags, don’t move forward with them. On the other hand, if you really like them but they’re more expensive, ask yourself: If you went with the less expensive option, what are you not getting that the more expensive option offers? Conversely, if you go with the more expensive option, are you going to wish you had spent a little more to get that level of service? What kind of experience as a customer do you want to have with your planner?


You need to trust your wedding planner with one of the most important occasions of your life. When you choose a wedding planner, go with your gut and what feels right. We planners love what we do and want to help our couples have the most amazing day. A good planner will tell you if they don’t think they’re a good fit for you and will be happy to refer someone else that they think will be better suited for your needs. At the end of the day, your time is too precious to waste it on bad wedding planning decisions.

If you think you’re a good fit for me, let’s talk! I only have a few dates still open for 2019 and my 2020 pricing takes effect in December!

Happy planning!

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