Do you miss those carefree days of ring selfies and free champagne when you first got engaged?

Do you miss those carefree days of ring selfies and
free champagne when you first got engaged?

are you losing sleep
planning your ever after?

ARE YOU LOSING SLEEP planning your ever after?

You looked forward to planning your wedding for so long. You even stalked vendors before you were "officially" engaged. You love planning your wedding, but you worry because you don't know what you don't know. 

you can plan a gorgeous wedding and still have time for yourself

● Will it look the way I want?
● If something goes wrong, who will fix it?
● What if a vendor gets lost?
● Are we going to have awkward gaps in time?  

These questions keep you up at night and you're tired of losing sleep. With me on your team, you can quit the anxiety and go back to enjoying wedding planning. 

On the day of the wedding, you will feel confident I understand your vision and will execute it as you had intended. your focus is enjoying the 

Do you wish you had a friend who could give you a map and tell you what you needed to do next so you could get organized and stop waiting for the other shoe to drop? 

And when it comes to the day of the wedding, you worry about so much. 

This service is for couples with time to plan their wedding but want expert guidance and organization for the journey.  


● An interactive wedding planning checklist so you know what happens and when and can enjoy being engaged again

●  An all-access kick-off call to review everything on your mind -- you feel confident moving forward in your planning

● Lifetime access to new tools as they become available - I am always adding ways save my couples time and you get to take advantage of it!

● Wedding day event management and execution so you can be present and never miss a moment 

with this package, you get:

what sets me apart:

a primary source of anxiety among engaged couples comes from not knowing what they should be doing to plan their wedding.

a primary source of anxiety among most engaged couples comes from not knowing what they should be doing.

My Event Management package removes this stress by providing you the tools and checklists to confidently plan your wedding from the start

I make sure you get organized and have a good foundation from the beginning. You're not wasting time cobbling together spreadsheets and to-do lists from multiple sources. I give you them ready to go. And in the weeks leading up to your wedding, you feel comfortable passing the baton to me. You have been set up for success since your journey began. And we have had periodic check-ins to ensure you are moving in the right direction.

At your wedding, you get to soak up all the beauty and love and connect with everyone gathered around you. 

Desirée was amazing! My partner and I were working with such a limited budget we weren't sure we could afford a planner, but Desirée was well worth everything we spent. Our venue was a park, which meant coordinating a lot of vendors. Desirée helped us keep track of everything, did all of the vendor coordination required in the weeks leading up to our day, and helped us plan things we weren't even thinking about. Not only is she great at the planning aspect, but Desirée is absolutely a professional and a very warm person to work with. We are a queer couple, and Desiree was great about respecting pronouns, being aware of gendered language, etc. Such a simple kindness that meant a lot to us.

sara & ryan, 2018

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Your investment for this
package is $2,750 and is
split over 2 payments.

Get me organized!


The Event Management fee begins at $2,750 and is split over 2 payments.


I would love to hear from you! Click the link below to contact me or drop me a note at I can't wait to connect with you!

I have more questions. How do I get in touch?

Payments are available in 4 installments. These installments coincide with milestones in your wedding planning:
Planning & Design: due with your contract
Event Management: due 30 days before your wedding


I would love that! The Event Management package is great for this! I give couples extra guidance along the way and they get to take advantage of all my tools to save them hours of planning! 

I've secured a lot of the vendors already. Can we still work together?

I'm so glad you asked! Custom design is a key component of my Full Service package. We discuss in depth your tastes and style and I tailor the wedding design to you. It walks you through the day scene by scene. Imagery, color palettes, layouts, and fabric swatches are only the beginning. Click here to see an example.

trying to pick out colors and make everything look cohesive makes me anxious. Can you help?

One of the first things I do for my full-service clients is draft a realistic budget. It accounts for your priorities and your vision for the day. I present you with pricing options so you have control over your spending. This prevents anxiety about surprise costs and gives you more control of your budget. A wedding planner is an investment in you and your wedding. A majority of vendors are with you on your day and your day only. I support you for the duration of the planning process AND at the wedding and often even after. You are paying for expertise to manage a complex team of vendors with intricate nuances. My couples want their wedding to be a time of joy and celebration for them and their guests. They want to experience the day calm and focused on their family, not distracted and tense. I help them achieve that.

you're over my budget but i still want to work with you. help!

In reality, the venue has at least 1 wedding every weekend. They don’t have the time to devote to your wedding and your details like a professional planner does. Nor are they supposed to. The venue coordinator represents the venue. I represent you. If something goes wrong at the venue, I make sure they provide a fair resolution to the situation. If you don’t have a planner, you are at the mercy of the venue.  

what if the venue has a planner?



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frequently asked questions

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