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Creative Wedding Cakes: Think Outside the Wedding Cake Box

January 4, 2021

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It’s time to talk about creative wedding cake ideas and think outside the proverbial box when it comes to your wedding cakes and desserts. I’m talking pumpkin funfetti and chai, manhattan cocktails, and so many more creative wedding cake flavors and unique wedding cake designs ideas.

Whether you and your partner love cake, or you care more about a creative wedding cake that's part of a beautiful and memorable wedding experience, you'll get so much out of this interview with Jen MCClure and Molly Hartley from Scratch Bakeshop.

You’ll also be surprised to hear all the unique and different combinations that are possible when it comes to making your desserts friendly for guests with dietary constraints. So definitely make sure you pay attention to that part near the end. 

I guarantee after this interview you'll be inspired to think of new and interesting ways to incorporate your personalities into your dessert. 


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The Highlights

In today's interview I talk to Jen McClure and Molly Hartley of Scratch Bakeshop. Diana is a notable event planner and designer based out of Connecticut, and she just celebrated her eleventh year in this industry and one year as the official owner of Jubilee Events. She had been with the company for a decade when the opportunity was offered to become the head woman of the business.  She has had the honor of creating over a hundred personal, meaningful, and memorable life milestones for couples and families of all measures of life.

  • Meet our guests.  [06:00]
  • Why is it important for couples to be creative with their wedding cake and wedding desserts?   [10:30]
  • Can you tell us about your unique wedding cake flavors and combinations?  [13:30]
  • What about unique, seasonal, and exotic wedding cake flavors? [15:30]
  • When it comes to wedding dessert flavors, do people shy away from them or are they excited to embrace them? [17:00]
  • What if you don't like wedding cake or you and your partner disagree on wedding cake flavors? [18:00]
  • What kinds of wedding cake flavors and varieties should couples choose to make their guests happy? [22:30]
  • Where do you get inspiration for your wedding cake designs? [23:45]
  • What is the collaboration process like when it comes to cake design and your wedding couples? [24:13]
  • How do you incorporate all the wedding vendors and cake designer into the day? [25:45]
  • What can couples expect when they reach out to you in the beginning? [26:30]
  • What if people eat the dessert before dinner? [29:50]
  • What is pricing like for wedding cake and desserts? [30:55]
  • What are your favorite wedding cake flavors? [31:35]
  • What happens if couples request bad wedding cake flavor combinations? [34:35]
  • Are there wedding cake trends that you're excited about or couples are leaning towards? [35:50]
  • What tips do you have for couples to get started with creative wedding cake flavors or wedding designs? [38:13]
  • What's your process for dealing with couples that have food restrictions or allergies, like dairy-free vegan wedding cakes or gluten-free wedding cakes? [39:55]
  • What are your thoughts on white wedding cakes? [43:50]
  • What surprising detail or advice would you give couples when it comes to their wedding? [45:20]
  • What moments give you the most joy or are the most meaningful to you? [47:40]

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